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What Are the Benefits of Opiate Detox Medication?

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What Are the Benefits of Opiate Detox Medication?

What Are the Benefits of Opiate Detox MedicationOpiate Addiction has become the modern plague of American Society. Thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of near-fatal overdoses have terrorized communities ranging from quiet affluent, suburban, rural communities to crowded, high-crime inner city neighborhoods. According to a National Institutes of Health (NIH), 2010 Survey, 22.6 Million People in the U.S. Age 12 or Older, (8.9% of all Americans), were current or recent users of illicit drugs. A recent Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Report stated that there were a record 16,917 opioid pain reliever overdose deaths in 2011, (46 per Day). Opiate detox medication can help.

Everywhere, school districts and community services for adolescents are compelled to address this emergency healthcare disaster. Normally well-adjusted, well-behaved, and successfully functioning teens, have been reduced to money-grabbing thieves forced to do whatever it takes to feed the scourge of drug addiction. Fortunately, there are solutions. The most popular and highly effective of these solutions emerging from the medical professions is opiate detox medication.

Opiate detox medication has become a highly successful course of treatment for opiate addiction. This treatment course is intended as a short-term, to mid-term medical treatment in detoxification of the brain and body of the addicted patient from opiate substances. Long-term sobriety is then supported by continuing counseling to address the issues related to addiction, and self-care by the patient to maintain and support a sober lifestyle.

Before one can attain, and maintain a sober lifestyle however, opiate addiction needs to be arrested. Opiate detox medical treatment, using drugs such as Naltrexone or Suboxone have proven to be highly effective and helpful medical treatment solutions. Of course, these are in fact medicine, and therefore should only be used under the direct medical supervision of a physician or other prescribing medical professional.

Naltrexone is an opioid-effect inhibitor, preventing the ‘Euphoric’ effect of opioid use, while Suboxone is an actual opioid medication administered under controlled conditions to manage acute opioid addiction and its immediate consequences. Methadone is a synthetic opioid that must be administered under strict governmental regulation and requires patients to participate in structured residential or outpatient detox programs.

Each of these medications have their own set of risks and benefits and need to be prescribed by a medical professional after a comprehensive and frank discussion with the patient. Active opioid addiction offers the addict the very real prospect of ‘Jails, Institutions and Death’.

Treatment, including the use of opiate detox medication, offers Safety, Sanity and Sobriety

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