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Detox is NOT Rehab

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Detox is NOT Rehab

It is the First Step on the Wonderful Journey to Recovery

One of the biggest mistakes made when seeking help for drug addiction is the idea that detox will take care of the problem. Detox is important, but it is not rehab. Although people often feel better after detox, the reasons why they began using drugs will still be there. Without rehab, detox is a time-limited solution for an addiction.

So what happens after detox? For most addicts, residential rehab is the first step. Detox often takes place at a specialized detox facility, but some larger rehab facilities offer detox on site. We’re happy to discuss a variety of detox and rehab options with you, so please don’t hesitate to call us. We believe that recovery is possible, and want to help you achieve success in recovery efforts. This means what happens after detox is the most important decision you’ll ever make.

After detox you’ll spend from several weeks to several months living in a structured and monitored environment. This is important for many reasons. Detox has cleaned the drugs from your body, so you probably already feel better. Mentally you are now ready to take on the challenges of therapy. Understanding what led to the drug use will be part of your treatment. Your experiences won’t be like exactly like your rehab peers. As you gain strength in your own recovery, you’ll be able to share what you’ve learned with others who are struggling. Residential rehab gives you the time to focus on getting better, and learn skills to prevent relapse.

One of the most amazing things that happens after detox is rediscovering life again. Not only will you find new personal strengths, and develop tools to keep recovery going, you’ll begin to enjoy simple pleasures and pursuits, without the specter of addiction present in each minute of every day.

Don’t ever confuse detox with rehab. Recovery just won’t happen if after detox you go back to the same physical, emotional and social circumstances that were present during the addiction. Contact us now. We’re here 24/7 to help you. Before, during and after detox we are here to support your addiction recovery.

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