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Understanding Drug Detox Treatments and How They Affect Your Child

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Understanding Drug Detox Treatments and How They Affect Your Child

Mother and Daughter Discuss Drug Detox Treatments EffectA parent “going away” for a period of time can be frightening and confusing for any child. When it is time for you to undergo drug detox treatments, you need to understand how this will affect your child. By looking at things from their perspective, you can better explain your absence and what will occur while you’re gone. Providing your child with information helps them gain comfort in your absence, particularly in knowing that you’ll return healthier and able to parent more fully.

Talking to Your Child Before You Leave for Drug Detox Treatments

You may have noticed your child has been exhibiting some negative behaviors, since you have been abusing drugs or alcohol. Others may tell you that your child is suffering from your addiction. Many young children start expressing their frustration over a parent’s addiction by hitting, biting, acting out in school and throwing things. These behaviors occur because your child realizes something is wrong, that you have a problem and feels powerless to help you overcome it.

The key in helping your child feel empowered in your absence and toward the future lies in being honest with them. Tell them age-appropriate things to explain your upcoming absence and how you hope that you will be able to better care for them and others when you return. Allow them to express themselves and tell you what their fears are regarding the time you will spend away.

Honestly Explain Drug Detox Treatments in an Age-Appropriate Manner

Open an honest discussion about detox with your child by discussing your own feelings about what you are about to go through. Talk about things they can relate to, such as your fear about being away from home during treatment and how you will miss them. By doing so, you can help them open up to talk more about their own feelings.

Regardless of your child’s age, ensure they are aware:

  • That you are going away
  • How long you will be gone
  • When you will return
  • They will be cared for while you are away
  • You will come back feeling better, as a better parent

While you do not need to discuss too much detail about drug detox treatments or how you will feel in detox, older children may ask detailed questions about what you will go through. When talking with an older child about detox, it helps to have a base of knowledge about the facility and how you will be cared for while you are away.

New Start Detox Provides a Fresh Beginning for the Whole Family

When you have children, your addiction problem is a shared one. According to the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, over 37 percent of the nation’s children are parented by someone with addiction problems. By getting the drug detox treatment you need, you are helping your whole family gain a fresh start. At New Start Detox in Santa Ana and Tustin, California, your family can begin again with the return of their sober, healthy and supported parent.

Call New Start Detox at 855-737-7363 to give you and your child a fresh start. Your child deserves a new beginning, just as you do.

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