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Finding a Drug Detox Center in California

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Finding a Drug Detox Center in California

The most critical first step in a journey to overcoming a substance use disorder on the west coast is a California drug detox. Chronic drug use alters your brain chemistry and makes it difficult for you to function normally, and over time you may have developed a dependency on the drugs. To break the cycle and get clean, you need a professional drug detox program. At a drug detox center, you will be weaned off all the drugs you are using until they are no longer in your system. If you are suffering from drug use and are ready to begin the path to sobriety, reach out to New Start Recovery online, or you call us at (833) 433-0448 today.

What Is a Drug Detox?

There are many substances that can alter your brain and impact how you feel every day. These drugs are often addictive and, when used in excess, extremely dangerous. This is because over time using them can become the only way you are able to feel ‘normal.’ Quitting drugs can cause a person to experience extreme withdrawal symptoms, which is why seeking help at a drug detox center is the safest way to get clean and prevent relapse. Some of the drugs that have been known to cause a withdrawal include:

  • Alcohol
  • Benzos
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Opioids
  • Meth

A professional drug detox program, like the one at New Start Recovery, is designed to safely and effectively assist you in overcoming drug addiction. You will receive dedicated medical help and 24-hour support no matter how long your detox lasts. This allows you to safely cope with the detox side effects and overcome the withdrawal symptoms in comfort and compassionate care.

Finding a Drug Detox Center in California

For a California resident, the best choice for your drug detox program is at New Start Recovery, where you will stay in a clean, comfortable and intimate 6-bed detox facility and be continuously monitored for withdrawal symptoms. Medical professionals will be available 24 hours a day to help you manage these symptoms, some of which may be dangerous if not treated and cared for appropriately. It is essential to receive mental health care through dual diagnosis throughout the drug detox program because there may be underlying mental health issues contributing to your drug use and addiction. This is aimed at achieving total recovery through improving your emotional and physical well-being.

What Are the Benefits of a Drug Detox Program?

The primary goal of entering a drug detox center is to successfully and safely quit using drugs, but there are countless other benefits of detox. Here are five ways a California drug detox can improve your life:

  1. Physical Recovery: Getting clean can be life-threatening because your body will crave more of the drugs but at a drug detox center. Once all of the drugs have been removed from your system, your physical body will begin to recover and heal. After detox, as your body heals, your physical condition will improve.
  2. A Boost of Self-Esteem: Drugs and alcohol are often used to cope with and mask underlying problems you cannot face. Through a drug detox program, you will get sober, and with that comes the self-esteem you’ve been missing. The forward momentum of gaining this confidence can propel you toward long-term success in recovery.
  3. Improved Mental Health: People who are dependent on drugs often suffer co-occurring mental health problems. These could have been pre-existing or brought on by addiction. A drug detox program will address these mental health problems in a safe environment, and in doing so, help prevent relapse. You will also have the opportunity to address emotional trauma head-on and, through therapy, learn to let go of the trauma and move forward to live a happier life.
  4. Financial Well-Being: Drugs are expensive so it makes sense that a California drug detox at New Start Recovery will, over time, save you thousands of dollars. You will begin to rebuild your financial life, learn to make good money decisions, and experience financial well-being by living a sober life.

Learn More at New Start Recovery

If you or someone you love is suffering from drug addiction, contact New Start Recovery using our secure online form or call us at (833) 433-0448 today to learn how our drug detox center can be where your new life begins.

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