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Finding Hope After Multiple Attempts at Recovery

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Finding Hope After Multiple Attempts at Recovery

You’ve been down this road before- you know you need help, but it’s never worked. You’ve burned bridges with the people who you think could help. Every time you relapse, you isolate yourself further when it doesn’t work out. It’s been so long since you haven’t felt alone that you’re not sure what it would feel like otherwise…

Compare & Contrast

There is no such thing as a straight path to recovery. It’s the nature of addiction. And just as the road to recovery is a bumpy, unpredictable one, no two stories of recovery are the same. And relapse figures into 40-to-60 percent of recoveries. What takes a few times around for one user is something that may come quickly for another. There’s a temptation to compare your story to other people’s. All too often, in that comparison, you come up lacking.

Conversely, you may be in a room of addicts and listen to story only to pick them apart for evidence that you are NOT an addict because of what you haven’t lost and promises you haven’t broken, yet.  It’s crucial that you find common ground with those around you who’ve gone through what you’re experiencing.

 Comparison creeps in when you  reduce yourself and your story down to those pieces that can be scrutinized against other peoples’ experiences. 

Starting Where You Are

The fact is coming to treatment is, in many ways, a leap of faith- one that can be difficult to take if you’ve tried before and haven’t landed the way you hoped. You can feel like each new attempt is tempered by past relapses. The truth is that you’re not coming to each attempt at sobriety entirely new. You have the tools you learned in treatment still at your disposal. Whether you acknowledge it or not, each attempt leaves a mark on you and empowers you knowledge that you didn’t have before about yourself and about the process. There’s a phrase in recovery: you start where you end up. This means that a relapse doesn’t void all the knowledge and resources you’ve gained. You bring with you everything- the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful- when you resume your recovery, and what you actually have may surprise you. Even if you’re picking yourself up and starting all over, no one can take the strides you were able to make away from you, even if it feels like you haven’t gotten that far.

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Claiming your Recovery with New Start Detox

If you haven’t sought treatment in a while, the good news is that there are more options now than ever before and what’s available is better than they’ve ever been. At New Start, we tailor a treatment plan for each of our clients’ unique needs. Our clinicians work to find you the best treatment plan, structured around you, with individual and group counseling. With tempur-pedic beds and on-site chefs we ensure your comfort while you have the chance to get your strength up. We meet you where you are and take your long term recovery seriously.

Making it Last

Treatment is available and it’s just the beginning. Addiction trains us to seek quick fixes to alleviate deeper problems- and looking to escape the clutches of dependence is no different. And while no program will have you cured after 7, 30 or 90 days, that first step is vital to challenging and replacing maladaptive behavior. Change means investing yourself in your recovery. Past attempts at recovery don’t forecast your future outcome. Call us today so we can begin developing your treatment plan.

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