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Good Nutrition in Recovery

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Good Nutrition in Recovery

Nutrition in RecoveryAll of us should practice good nutrition—but for those who are in addiction recovery, eating right is especially important.

That is because the detox and recovery processes put a lot of strain on the body. Addiction is brutal, and your body has to work hard to heal. Good nutrition gives you the strength and the energy necessary to make that healing process efficient and effective.

Additionally, good nutrition can further purge your body of the harmful toxins that drugs and alcohol bring—setting you up for long-lasting sobriety.

But how should you be eating while you’re in recovery? What are the secrets of good nutrition?

  • For starters, cut back on your sugar intake. Consuming less sugar will help stabilize your blood sugar, which will in turn help with your depression, anxiety and mood swings.
  • Along the same lines, opt for fewer refined carbohydrates; choose whole grains, instead.
  • Get more protein. Proteins help you rebuild your body’s neurotransmitters, which tend to be lacking in most addicts.
  • Fiber is also important; eat more fruits and vegetables as a way to heal your gastrointestinal system.
  • Consume healthy fats—those found in nuts, olives, avocados and fatty fish.
  • Try to avoid processed foods and fast food as much as possible, which will help you to repair the damage done to your liver—a crucial part of addiction recovery.
  • Try to ease back on the caffeine, which will only serve to worsen symptoms of anxiety or insomnia.

Something else that can help: Try to enjoy your meals with other people, as opposed to eating in isolation. Allow this fellowship to be an encouragement and support to you throughout your addiction recovery—and remember that even something as simple as nutrition can go a long way in your healing process.

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