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What is Sub-Acute Detox?

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What is Sub-Acute Detox?

sub-acute detoxIn the medical community, acute is usually not a word you want to hear. That’s because doctors use the word to denote illnesses or conditions that are especially intense or overwhelming—truly severe in their potency. If you have an acute ailment, it’s likely something that needs to be treated in an Emergency Room or hospital setting.

But what does the term acute mean when discussing addiction? Addiction itself can be an acute condition, presenting the addict with a number of truly intense and even debilitating symptoms and side effects. These side effects include withdrawal pains, which can themselves be acute and at times life-threatening.

As with any acute condition, acute addiction or withdrawal symptoms call for medical supervision and clinical care, set in a controlled facility. That’s what sub-acute detox is all about. We offer sub-acute detox here at New Start, and the point of it is simple: We want to provide clients with a safe and medically sound environment in which to properly treat their acute addiction symptoms, setting them up for lifelong recovery and lasting sobriety.

In sub-acute detox, the mind and body are rid of harmful bodily toxins—the lingering effects of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, ceasing a drug or alcohol habit “cold turkey” brings its own set of problems, including intense psychological and physical symptoms—but in an sub-acute detox setting, medical professionals can manage and mitigate these symptoms while ensuring the client’s complete safety.

Detox ultimately provides a kind of blank slate—a new start for you to begin working on your recovery in earnest. That’s what makes it such a necessary step toward hope and healing. Without detox, there is no way to gain the clarity needed to seriously pursue recovery.

Sub-acute detox is the safe and controlled way to move forward from your addiction, and into a life of lasting recovery.

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