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Heart Healthy Valentine’s Meals

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Heart Healthy Valentine’s Meals

The month of February, it seems, is all about the heart—not just because of Valentine’s Day, but also because it’s American Heart Month.

Sadly, these two occasions don’t always go hand in hand, at least not as much as you might think. Valentine’s Day is often celebrated with cozy, candlelit dinners for two—and we’re totally in favor of that! The problem is, these meals are often decadent to the point of being not particularly healthy. In some cases, they can be especially hard on the ol’ ticker.

So this year, we recommend showing someone you truly care about them—body, mind, and yes, even heart. Do so by planning a romantic homemade dinner that’s not just delicious, but also good for the heart.

Here are five ideas to get the ball rolling.

Duck. Duck may seem a little too fancy for a regular weeknight meal, but it’s just the thing to introduce a fancy, lean protein to your Valentine’s Day menu. We recommend preparing duck in a nice pomegranate sauce—introducing some festive, rosy hues to your romantic concoction.

Fish. This, of course, is the ultimate lean, healthy protein. A really nice piece of salmon or halibut, well-garnished and grilled to perfection, can be just as satisfying as a steak—but much better on your heart.

Salad. No, really. You’d likely have a nice Caesar salad at any fancy restaurant. Why not have one as an appetizer for your home-cooked meal, too?

Baked potatoes. These steakhouse staples are not only elegant and filling, but also good for you.

Chocolate fondue. When it comes to Valentine’s Day desserts, it’s easy to fill up on devilish chocolate cakes—but a slightly healthier approach is to make a bit of chocolate fondue and get some fruits on skewers. Use dark chocolate to be especially heart-healthy. We’re not saying this is completely good for you, mind you, but it’ll help you satisfy your sweet tooth while regulating your chocolate intake a bit better.

Be kind to your (sweet)heart this Valentine’s Day—and bake some romance into your healthy meal!

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