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Hosting the Big Game While in Recovery

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Hosting the Big Game While in Recovery

Just because you’re in recovery, that doesn’t mean you can no longer have fun.

And it certainly doesn’t mean you can’t host an uproariously fun party when game day comes—inviting all of your family and friends over for a blowout that’s packed with good cheer, minus the need for any drugs or alcohol.

We’ll show you what we mean. As you start thinking about your hosting duties for the big game, keep an open mind for the following suggestions.

  • Don’t start the festivities too early. When people arrive hours early, it’s usually because they want to tap a keg. Instead, schedule your party to begin right around the time the game starts, maybe 20 or 30 minutes earlier. Make sure people have their focus on the game right from the get-go.
  • Remember that there are plenty of drinks out there that don’t have alcohol, including not just sodas but mocktails. Look up a few alcohol-free game day recipes before your party begins, and show your guests how fun and flavorful booze-free beverages can be!
  • Make sure there is PLENTY of food! People who have hands and plates full of food won’t have as much time to think about drinking. Arrange a potluck or just go on a baking tare yourself, concocting brownies, cookies, chips and dip, veggie trays, wings, burgers… all the crowd-pleasers!
  • If you’re feeling a little awkward or self-conscious about things, simply mention it to some of your closest friends or family members. Let them know that it’s a struggle for you. Your friends want nothing more than to support you and to have fun with you on game day, and they’re not going to judge you for your candor.

Recovery can’t keep you from enjoying yourself—nor from savoring a game day experience with your pals.

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