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Have Fun in Your Sobriety

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Have Fun in Your Sobriety

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Now that you’re sober, you’re probably trying to find ways to have fun. But just because you’re sober doesn’t mean life is boring now. You can’t get a fix anymore, and you threw out your booze, but there are other ways to have fun. You have a healthy life and you’re able to maintain sobriety, so it’s time to really explore what living is all about.

“When I got sober, I thought giving up was saying goodbye to all the fun and all the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. That’s when the sparkle started for me.” -Mary Karr

Celebrate Your Sobriety and Have Fun!

  • Find Races in Your Area. Whether you’re good at running or not. Many races are held to raise awareness for campaigns, or just held for pure fun. Look up 5ks, 10ks, half marathons or full marathons and attend the run! You don’t have to actually run, because many events allow baby strollers and walkers to participate as well.


  • Attend A Sober Music Festival! Whether it’s going to a music festival sober or going to a sober music festival, you’ll be sure to have fun. You’re not supposed to be impaired at a music festival, there’s no point in that. Instead, use your sobriety to have fun and appreciate the festival. You could learn a lot by attending a festival sober. And there’s a lot of things you could miss out on if you were too drunk or tripping too hard.


  •  Go Golfing! If you’re into sports and enjoying the outside, go for a round of golf. Golf is a super relaxing and takes a lot of focus and patience to play. But if you have what it takes to hit the ball in the hole, go out and play!


  •  Join a sport! Whether you’re competitive or not, joining a sport can be fun! Baseball, basketball, soccer, golfing, bowling, swimming, cycling, rowing… There are endless amounts of sports you can join or try out. And who knows, you might end up really enjoying it! And then you can set up weekly or bi-weekly activities that work with your sport of interest. It could be a really fun thing for you.


  •  Join a gym! Fitness is important in every day life. If you have the extra money, join a gym and go every day or every other day. There are usually numerous types of classes, so you can attend a boot camp, meditation, yoga, zumba, swimming, and many more classes! It can be a fun experience for you, and you’ll be able to meet people there that could become close friends.


  • Play PC or Console Games! If you’re into shooting, there are games for that. If you like car racing, there’s also a game for that. Into dancing? Try Just Dance! Or maybe you love controlling people’s minds, try out the Sims (my personal favorite). There are games for everyone. You can also play games on your mobile phone. New games come out every day and I’m sure you can find one to get addicted to.


  • Do You LOVE to Travel? Go somewhere! Road tripping or flying somewhere will teach you a lot! Even if you don’t have a destination, if you get in your car and drive, it would be an adventure in itself! Invite a friend and let them tell you to go left or right on stop signs and explore! Or you can have a destination in mind and go experience culture and life there. There are many activities you can do in a car or a plane. Go out and travel!

What Are You Waiting For?

 You can do so many things being sober. Now that you’re into your sobriety and you’re looking for things to do, I hope this article helps. Being sober shouldn’t be a chore, go have fun and live your life!


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