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Help Your Legal Court Case With Rehab

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Help Your Legal Court Case With Rehab

Your Legal Court Case

DID YOU KNOW: There are more than 3,000 drug courts in the U.S, all which help those who struggle with substance abuse and addiction in the criminal justice system. If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, or for using, you may qualify for a court hearing. Judges want to help you and you shouldn’t have to go to jail because of your drug or alcohol dependency. If you qualify for a hearing, your judge might give you the chance to make things right again. And if you want to help your legal court case, it’s recommended you find treatment.

Legal Court Case

Why Drug Courts Are Better Than Regular Courts

Of all criminals who suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction and receive help from a drug court program:

-70% complete the program

-Out of those who complete the program, 75% avoid re-offenses

Different Types of Drug Courts






Co-occurring disorders




Federal re-entry

Get Treatment Instead of Going to Jail

If you have the option to admit to a treatment program instead of going to jail, take that opportunity. Judges want to help you succeed and find purpose again. It will benefit you and all your family/friends. If you’re willing to seek help, you can get sober. It’s not easy but it is worth it.

85%-95% of users released from prison will resume drug use

60%-80% commit a new crime after they’re released

You’re Better Than That

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, New Start can help. We have many solutions for you, such as detox, residential, IOP, and sober living. Many employees at New Start come from personal experience with addiction and know what you’re going through. Every client is different, but that’s why we are good at what we do. We tailor to each client differently, and if you’re ready to save yourself from addiction, we want to help you.


Save a life and call us today.

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