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How Do Pets Make a Difference in Recovery?

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How Do Pets Make a Difference in Recovery?

How Do PetsHow can you say no to an amazingly cute and fluffy pet? Trick question: you can’t. Pets are known to make a significant impact on your health and mind. Not just that, but the impact expands to those around you as well. When you’re walking down the street and you see someone walking their dog, you can’t help but smile and want to pet it. That’s a normal response because pets are happy and energetic and it makes us happy and energetic. Well… maybe not energetic, but you know what I mean. Pets make a difference to all kinds of people.

To narrow it down, let’s talk about people in recovery. It’s normal to go through all kinds of emotions in recovery. The last time you were out in the real world was when you were an addict, and now you’re healthy and detoxed and ready to conquer the world. The struggles of finding an apartment, a job, and balancing old and new responsibilities could be overwhelming. Although, once you are all settled in and ready for more responsibilities, having a pet can be very beneficial.

How Do Pets Make a Difference?

  • Your pet will provide endless love. 
    They will always be there for you. You’ll have unconditional love, and they will never judge you. They will be there for you through your weakest times and your strongest times, and make great supporters. Your pet will love your attention at any day or time, and will be your number 1 fan.
  • You will start exercising more.
    Dogs require exercise. And different dogs require different amounts of exercise. You’ll be finding yourself going on walks, running around and playing with your dog or pet. Exercise is also an important part of recovery and your health, so it’s a win-win situation.
  • Pets will make you more responsible.
    Pets add a financial and emotional responsibility. Before you take on adopting a pet, you should be financially secure. Pets require money and time, and without those two it will be hard to maintain a pet. Once you are financially secure, a pet can help you become more responsible. You’ll be able to manage time and money better, and you’ll be responsible for caring for a living thing. Pets will help you establish self-worth, and make you think outside of your own needs.
  • Pets help you have fun
    They are active and playful, and they help you become active and playful too. You’ll feel happier and loved, and having a pet will make you buy fun toys for you two to play with. Your pet will become your best friend and you two will make so many fun (and not so fun) memories together.
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