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How to Forgive and Love Yourself Again

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How to Forgive and Love Yourself Again

Life after recovery can start as a struggle. You might feel resentment or ashamed from your past as an addict, but that’s why you’re recovering. It’s time to put the negative stuff behind you and move forward. There might be times where you’re reminded of what you did and how you acted, but that’s in the past now. You can’t change the past, so there should be no reason to dwell on it anymore. You should learn to forgive and love yourself again. Starting today. 

Forgive and Love

  • Write a list of everything you’ve done to make yourself angry
  • Share your negative feelings with a friend or therapist
  • Reward yourself every day for the positive stuff you accomplish
  • Understand your situation and realize the past is the past
  • Tell yourself “I forgive myself” and “I love myself” in the mirror every day
  • Realize everyone makes mistakes they regret – you’re not alone

The more you forgive and love yourself, the easier it will get. Let the past go and strive for the future. Create the best version of yourself. Wake up every morning with forgiveness and love and take on the day with courage. You’re not in a hole anymore. You have a support system and people that love you. Now is your turn to love yourself, too. 

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