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How To Get A Loved One Into Rehab

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How To Get A Loved One Into Rehab

Rehab is a sensitive subject when it comes to the addict and their decision to go or not. It can also be a very emotional situation to learn that your loved one is an addict. Your goal is for them to get better… but as easy as it is to say that, it’s much harder to accomplish. Below are ideas on how to get a loved one into rehab.


The Conversation of Rehab

  • Educate yourself on detox and rehab facilities (the more you educate yourself, the easier it will be)
  • Do an intervention (hire a professional interventionist if necessary)
  • Make a plan (don’t “wing” it when it comes to talking about addiction)
  • Find a rehab with a high success rate (the better the success rate is, the better outcome it will be)
  • Make a personal video on what your loved one has compromised in your relationship
  • Make a video of your loved one in full addict mode, slurring words/falling down/drooling and show it to them. Sometimes when they see for themselves, it creates a realization for them to seek help.
  • Follow through with your intervention letter and cut off any support that enables them to continue their addiction

If you’re still struggling and want professional help, call us at 855-737-7363 to speak with our professional admissions counselor today. We can guide you to get the help you need for your loved one.

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