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I am the Master of My Fate

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I am the Master of My Fate

I-Am-the-Master-of-My-FateYOU are the most important person involved in your recovery process. There undoubtedly will be many wonderful people along the way who will help you return to a life of sobriety and functionality, yet not a single one will be able to assist you in your process if you are not committed to the healing required to return to a sober lifestyle.

Your Acceptance of the Problem is the First Step Toward Recovery

Although it may seem difficult, many addicts who have successfully returned to a sober lifestyle agree that a main key to success is taking things one step at a time. Again, this means you are responsible for making choices and committing to them every step of the way. Accepting the fact that you are an addict in need of help is the first step toward addiction recovery.

Find a Program That Meets Your Needs

Once you know you need help, finding a program that meets your needs will be the next step. Many people are available to help you find an addiction recovery program that works for you; you may feel most comfortable asking for help from family or friends, or perhaps prefer to contact a professional directly. Whichever route you choose, being honest with yourself about your specific needs and abilities will allow you to be placed in a facility that is suitable to you.

Commit to the Program and a Sober Lifestyle

Joining an addiction recovery program is important, but it’s not the last step to sobriety. Being open and honest with yourself and others during treatment will maximize your chances of success.

The longest period that will require your commitment to sober living is the time after you’ve completed your treatment. By making positive choices in regards to where and with whom you spend your time, you again will be the single most important person in your life determining the likelihood of your addiction recovery.

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