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It’s National Recovery Month!

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It’s National Recovery Month!

Recovery is HUGE. You spent a part of your life, whether it’s a big chunk or a smaller chunk, under the influence. And you probably went through a rollercoaster of emotions, doubts, triggers, and obstacles that affected your sobriety. But now you’re here. You’re sober. And it’s time to celebrate. For every September you encounter sober and healthy, celebrate! Happy National Recovery Month!

national recovery month

National Recovery Month happens every September. The holiday celebrates prevention, treatment, and recovery for substance abuse addiction and mental health. It celebrates the people in recovery, their friends, and their family.

Why Is It Important To Celebrate Sobriety?

Your sobriety date is just like a birthday or anniversary. It’s a moment to celebrate yourself and look back on how far you’ve come. But, some people have a difficult time celebrating. Especially if it’s for their sobriety. Why is it difficult?

Maybe they are self-conscious about their recovery, or they are afraid it won’t last. Some people think they can’t live up to their friends or families expectations and it makes for an uncomfortable scenario. But if there’s anything I’ve learned in sobriety, it’s that you should celebrate it whether it’s 1 day, 1 year or 1 decade (or longer!)

How Should You Celebrate?

1. Celebrate with your sobriety chips! It’s a huge accomplishment. Each time you get a new chip, it’s an opportunity to celebrate and congratulate yourself. You’re showing others that recovery is possible.

2. Join a recovery celebration. You can find occasional celebrations hosted by big programs or groups that celebrate recovery. Especially in September, for National Recovery Month.

3. Buy something cool! A new outfit, a new gadget, anything from your wishlist at the moment. Celebrations are important, recovery is important and you should do something good for yourself, as long as it motivates you to carry on your sobriety.

4. Start a tradition! Every year on your sobriety date, do something memorable. Do a 5k or marathon, go see a movie, go apple picking… There’s a lot of fun things you can do, and if you make it a tradition every year to do so, you look forward to that throughout your sobriety.

national recovery month

Everyone Should Celebrate National Recovery Month

You shouldn’t have to wait for a birthday, an anniversary, or a certain occasion to celebrate something big. Recovery is big enough to celebrate on its own, always. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments, you’re amazing!

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