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Do You Need Detox?

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Do You Need Detox?

Are you having problems with alcohol and want to stop using? If so, then you may need drug and alcohol detox. Drug and alcohol detox helps your body rid itself of the chemical dependency on either drug or alcohol that it has formed. This process is very difficult for anyone who tries to do it alone as this kind of dependency is very strong.

Most people turn to an alcohol detox center where they can get help. Many different kinds of treatments are available for drug and alcohol detox. Depending on the level of addiction, someone may need to go through inpatient or outpatient treatment. This is because some people have it very bad and others only need a little bit of treatment.

Addiction is a disease that requires the input of professionals to help you stop using. If you are trying to do it on your own, then you are likely making things more difficult on yourself. You would be better off seeking professional help with drug or alcohol detox. There are many different types of treatments available for addiction and if you can get treated, then you should do so.

To learn more about detox treatment, call us today at [Direct].

The Statistics Tell a Story

Take a closer look at the numbers:

  • Withdrawal from alcohol means that an alcoholic has a 25% chance of experiencing a seizure in the first 24 hours without alcohol
  • Withdrawal symptoms for drugs of abuse depend on the specific drug, but include life-threatening medical problems such as seizures
  • Delirium tremens (DTs) symptoms include fever, confusion and very fast heart rate, and are fatal in 1-2% of cases

Now these numbers point out some worst case (but common) scenarios, but it is also true that individuals who require alcohol and drug detox treatment will need physical and emotional support for a wide array of milder symptoms. These symptoms are uncomfortable and distressful, but not necessarily life-threatening.

Do You Need Detox?

Do you need detox? Well, perhaps a better question is: Do I want to get drugs and alcohol out of my systems safely? Not to mention being as physically and psychologically comfortable as possible under the circumstances! Feeling physical and psychological cravings for drugs indicates dependence and addiction. Not being able to get that next drug or drink causes fear and anxiety, and the initial symptoms of withdrawal if they can’t be obtained. Even if the cravings are mild, they indicate that monitored detox is necessary.

The way detox works is a little different from person to person. Some people will need certain medications that help their bodies withdraw from drugs or alcohol. These medications can be very helpful, but they do require the assistance of a medical professional in order for them to be safe and effective.

The goal of alcohol and drug detox treatment isn’t to make detox pain free. The goal is to safely remove the drugs, alcohol and related toxins from the body, in the most comfortable way possible, so that a person is mentally and physically ready to work on recovery. Without detox, the next-drug-next-drink mantra of the body drums on, and it is impossible to focus on the work of recovery.

Professionally guided and monitored detox for drug and alcohol addiction means choosing safety as that first important step to sobriety. You won’t be alone during detox.  You’ll be surrounded by specially trained professionals who know what to do, and care for and about you during the detox process.

A Detox Center Can Save Your Life

Trying to detox on you own at home can be dangerous. It’s advised that you don’t even try. Instead, contact us now at [Direct] for compassionate answers and support about detox.

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