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How To Prevent Summer Vacation Temptations

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How To Prevent Summer Vacation Temptations

how to prevent summer vacation

Summer is one of the most vacationed seasons. You have the sun, the warmth, your PTO, and the power to travel. But, is being sober holding you back from exploring the world? If you’re new to sobriety, or you still aren’t comfortable traveling sober, here is how to prevent summer vacation temptations.

How to Prevent Summer Vacation Temptations:

  • Pick a location that has the least amount of triggers. If you used to smash bottles at the beach, maybe a tropical beach vacation isn’t worth it. If you went on a company vacation and partied the entire time, perhaps you shouldn’t go there again. Stay focused on a vacation location that doesn’t remind you of drinking and partying.
  • Invite sober friends with you. If a group of your non-sober friends want to vacation with you, invite a couple of your sober friends so you have company. While your non-sober friends go out drinking, you and your friends can do something else. Having at least one friend who’s sober with you will help you from relapsing.
  • Tell your support group about your vacation. Telling them will make you feel better about going. That way, you’re more prone to stick with sobriety. You’ll gain confidence about yourself and you’ll know you have support back at home if you need to call them.
  • Plan activities during vacation. I know the main reason for a vacation is unwinding and enjoying yourself, but you can book some fun activities along the way. Excessive idle time might trigger yourself to drink or do drugs. Some activities might be: snorkeling, parasailing, boating, cooking dinner, reading a book, throwing ball, or exercising.
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. Whether your friends or family suggested a location you are uncomfortable with, or the activities are not sober-friendly, you’re allowed to say no. If you’re with friends or family that drink, and they go out to a bar or go dancing, stick up to your sobriety and decline to go. If there are any situations you’re in that you’re uncomfortable with or it’s triggering, just say no. Stand up for yourself and your recovery and I’m sure your friends and family will understand and be encouraging.

Vacation Triggers


beach, tropical location, Italy or France, family reunions



big city (bars/clubs), business conference in a big city


parks, amusement parks

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