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When Should I Begin Seeking Drug Treatment for My Son?

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When Should I Begin Seeking Drug Treatment for My Son?

Mother looking at her teenage son who needs drug treatmentIf your son is abusing drugs, you have likely noticed many physical and behavioral changes. He is probably not the person you raised him to be and you may not even recognize him anymore. But your son is still “in there.” He just needs help to overcome his problem of drug abuse, help that begins in drug treatment.

Seek Drug Treatment for Your Son Now

As soon as you realize that your son has a drug abuse problem, it’s time to seek drug treatment. Putting this treatment off will not help him in any way. Delaying detox and rehab can only hurt him, allowing the problem to become worse and possibly even lead to fatal consequences.

Quitting drugs is difficult. This is even true when your son decides he wants drug treatment. Because it’s so hard to overcome addiction, your son may deny he needs or wants any help at all. However, studies have shown that he can be successful in overcoming drugs through professional treatment, even if he doesn’t want to enter a program.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is important to emphasize to your son that seeking treatment is courageous and that you will be supportive every step of the way. Stand by that promise of support and you’ll soon start recognizing the son you love so much.

Detox is the first step in recovery. Detox cleanses the body of the abused substances, whether those are drugs, alcohol or a combination of the two. Employees in a quality detox facility will support your son, make him comfortable and give him the supervision he needs to get through withdrawal safely and securely. Detox is never easy, but it provides sobriety in the most protective manner so you can both have peace of mind regarding your son’s well-being.

Drug Treatment Following Detox

After detox has been completed in a reputable and supportive detox center, your son will be ready to make the right decisions for his treatment. Rehab is important for ensuring that your son overcomes the problem of addiction and does not fall back into the same behaviors through relapse.

The detox program counselors will be able to guide your son into the treatment program best suited for his needs. He can gain access to a facility for outpatient, inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient or sober living. Through matching him with the rehab he needs, he will be able to engage fully in the program and emerge with the skills and readiness for lifelong recovery.

New Start Detox Is the Beginning of Your Son’s Second Chance

Your son deserves a new start. At New Start Detox in Tustin and Santa Ana, California, he can successfully overcome drugs and alcohol in safety, security and with peace of mind. He will be well-treated throughout withdrawal and into his choice of rehab programs with the help of New Start Detox licensed and certified staff.

You care about your son. Call New Start Detox at 855-737-7363 to verify your insurance and help him make the right decision.

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