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Self-Detox from Home is Unsafe

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Self-Detox from Home is Unsafe

Self-Detox from HomePeople who begin detox treatment from drugs/alcohol want to change their lifestyle. Some of them have been through detox before, and some are detoxing for the first time. While there are professional detox places out there (such as New Start Detox), some would rather detox from home. They might think it’s more convenient, they want to save money, or they want to try self-detoxing with their friends from home. Whatever the reason may be, it’s extremely dangerous. 

Addiction to detox is a real thing. You’ll experience many withdrawal symptoms such as: shakiness, seizures, anxiety, aggression, fatigue, nausea, chills and more. Self-detoxing isn’t suggested because you’re not getting the professional help and support to move forward. Everyone deals with detox differently, and everyone has different symptoms and severity of the symptoms. 

Without proper medication, withdrawal symptoms can be severe or deadly for those who drink a lot throughout their addiction. As scary, embarrassing and costly a detox facility may be, it’s recommended so you can get the proper medication to help. 

Self-detoxing with severe withdrawals can also result back to drinking again.

It’s a cycle of determination and giving up. This is the situation that facilities want to help you with. We understand the struggle and sickness and want to help make your detox experience the best experience for you.

Our confidential hotline is always available to call and we can get you a free assessment and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 





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