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Social Gatherings; Staying Sober

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Social Gatherings; Staying Sober

Social GatheringsSocial gatherings are hard when you’re trying to stay sober. The anticipation of people drinking or smoking can trigger anyone…but there are ways to prevent yourself from joining the crowd. 




Questions to Consider Asking:

“Who will be at the party?”

You should ask who’s coming so you’re aware of the environment of the party. If they list off people who might be a bad influence, you might need to think twice about attending. If you have friends going that support you, it will be a lot easier to attend. 

“Will there be any non-alcoholic drinks?”

Social gatherings will be a lot easier to attend if they are serving non-alcoholic drinks. If they are, there’s a good chance other guests will be drinking non-alcoholic drinks as well. 

Once you get the basics down and you have an idea of what the gathering will be like, you can make your best judgement for attending it or not. If you do choose to attend the party, it’s helpful to have some friends with you for support. It’s also helpful to carry a non-alcohol drink with you at all times throughout the party. By keeping your hands occupied with a drink, it will release the tension of you not drinking at all. 

The last piece of advice for attending a social gathering in recovery is thinking of an exit plan ahead of time. If a tense subject arises; you aren’t having fun, you’re feeling conflicted or you’re being pressured, it might be time to go home. Think of an exit plan so you don’t have to think of an excuse on the spot. Maybe tell the host a friend needs help, or you have work you need to finish at home. If you have children, maybe bring them into the exit plan. Do something so you can leave and not feel uncomfortable about it. 


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