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4 Ways to Start Recovery in College

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4 Ways to Start Recovery in College

Landing a front side VIP seat on the US $100 bill lends a certain amount of credibility. Let’s be real, Ben Franklin spat some mad wisdom when he said:

Managing Detox in College

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
A college education is one such investment. That said, you can’t duck in and out of class while still expecting to graduate in any reasonable amount of time. Earning a degree is a smart investment in your future… but its benefits can’t be reaped without meeting certain conditions.

Condition #1: Your Sobriety

No matter how eloquently you speak or how snazzy your pinstriped interview suit is, the fact is that active alcoholics and drug addicts make poor hiring choices. Companies that require degreed employees can be picky in today’s job market because you are one in 1,000 qualified millennials vying for the jobs that really matter and affect change. So if you want to make that piece of paper worth anything, your substance abuse status needs to be updated from “active” to “recovering” before you graduate.

Fortunately, there are many options to swipe right on recovery while still in school.

Colleges Understand That Life Happens

Believe it or not, you are not the first person to experience serious life problems while enrolled in college. That’s a good thing! It means that there are formal processes to deal with life without forsaking your investment in education.

The paperwork varies by school, but all universities and junior colleges offer the following allowances:

4 Ways to Start Recovery in College

Option #1


Leave of Absence (Semester/Quarter)

This is the best option for serious cases that require extended periods of recovery. Universities typically allow students to take leave for at least one full semester or quarter without penalty. The maximum time allowed varies by college, including when/if paperwork is required. New Start Detox is happy to assist patients with making arrangements. Here are links to information on leaves of absence for several local universities:

Option #2


Refund/Course Withdrawal

Sometimes an unanticipated relapse or bender will occur in the middle of taking classes. Booooooo.
But it would be dank to try “toughing it out”. You need help ASAP! That said, there’s also no need to sabotage your academic record while taking care of your addiction (trust us: those “F”s will haunt your transcript). The majority of professors won’t withdraw you from a course when you stop showing up. That means it’s on the student (i.e. you) to go online and formally withdraw. Once again, the admissions staff at New Start Detox is happy to assist.

Pro Tip – Withdrawing early enough in the semester can qualify you for a tuition refund. Make it rain!

Option #3


The best option for cases that don’t require immediate attention. If you’re stable enough to ride out the semester, we can schedule detox and residential care during a break between semesters. This will allow you to continue classes without interruption.

Note – Recovery ALWAYS takes priority over school. Consider option #1 or #2 first.

Option #4

Short-Term Absence to Outpatient

We understand that some scholars just can’t fathom taking time off school. Maybe you already feel behind, or school provides that sense of purpose to keep you focused on recovery. In that case, most professors will accommodate short absences. Check your syllabus for how many classes can be missed before your grade is affected. Detox usually takes 7-8 days, and most classes allow between 2-5 absences without consequence. We recommend talking to your professors about your situation. After detox is complete, you have the option to attend an outpatient treatment program that can work around your class schedule.

Note – This option is highly stressful for patients and not recommended. Recovery ALWAYS takes priority over school. Consider option #1 or #2 first.

Whatever your academic situation may be, we are happy to assist patients in accommodating their recovery as needed. The dedication required to earn a higher degree keeps patients on track to earning their degrees and rolling in the Benjamins.

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