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How To Understand Your Friend’s Addiction

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How To Understand Your Friend’s Addiction

how to understand your friend's addictionWhen a friend tells you about their addiction, your brain will probably do some flips of confusion in your head. “What do I do? How do I help? How come I didn’t see the signs? But he/she seemed so healthy…” It’s okay to be confused and upset. It’s a heart-wrenching thing to deal with, especially with someone close. There are resources out there, but here are some tips we’ve come up with that might help how to understand your friend’s addiction. 


Understanding Addiction:

  • It’s easy to become addicted
  • Their addiction is most likely on accident
  • Their addiction is taking over their body
  • Ask your friend questions to better understand what they’re going through
  • Support and help them with recovery, but don’t enable them
  • Be judge-free, they don’t want it any more than you do
  • They are most likely telling you about their addiction because they want help

So, now what? Your friend has told you about their addiction and it’s time to take action. Research detox and rehab facilities and join as many addiction support groups as you want. It’s best to get them in recovery ASAP so they don’t have a chance to overdose. Call recovery facilities so you know which ones accept your insurance or not. Recovery is possible, and with motivation and support they can end their addiction and start living a better and healthier life. 

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