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Supporting and Enabling: How To Tell The Difference

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Supporting and Enabling: How To Tell The Difference

Knowing the difference between supporting and enabling an addict is important. You want to do everything you can to help them, but you don’t want to enable them. Are you enabling your loved one from having their own responsibilities? Do you need advice on how to support more and enable less? Let’s break it down for you…


Supporting and Enabling

Some examples of enabling include:

  • giving/lending them money
  • calling in “sick” for them
  • cleaning their apartment
  • paying their bills
  • making excuses for their behavior
  • not following through with kicking them out
  • cleaning up after their tantrum
  • drinking or doing drugs with the addict
  • avoiding issues that might cause arguments
  • bailing them out of jail 

If you find yourself doing any of the above examples, you could be hurting their chance for recovery.
Here are ways you can help support them without enabling

  • If they leave a mess from drinking or partying the night before; leave it alone
  • Avoid conflicts where the addict puts you in situations that can endanger yourself and others
  • Follow through with planned activities should you go with or without her
  • Avoid lending or giving her money
  • Instead of watching their kids while they get drugged up, encourage them that you’ll watch their kids if they seek help
  • If the situation arises, only let them stay with you if they promise to get help
  • If the situation arises, help pay their bills/rent if they promise to get help

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