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Sticking to Addiction Recovery Goals in 2022

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Sticking to Addiction Recovery Goals in 2022

Now that you’re in recovery, you face the challenge of meeting the goals you’ve set for yourself. This is no simple task. Amid the ups and downs of daily life, it’s easy to get off track despite your best intentions. As part of your New Year’s resolutions for 2022, you’ve sworn not to let this happen. But how can you turn this commitment into reality? Fortunately, you can get help sticking to your addiction recovery goals. Among your many options is participation in a rehab alumni program.

At New Start Recovery, we’re well aware of the challenges you face in maintaining your sobriety. To help support your efforts, we offer a variety of resources. That includes an alumni program specifically designed to make it easier to keep your recovery going.

Step #1: Create Realistic and Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Recovery

Everyone is familiar with the joy and the agony of New Year’s resolutions. Like many people, you may set lofty goals for yourself. And, also like many people, you may soon find that your goals are too ambitious for you to meet.

When making plans for sticking to your addiction recovery, don’t fall into this common trap. Instead, set goals that:

  • Have specific, well-defined objectives
  • Are realistic and achievable
  • Allow you to measure your progress in a clear, straightforward way

This may not sound as grand or exciting as your typical year-end resolutions. However, by doing these things, your odds for success improve by leaps and bounds.

Step #2: Set Addiction Recovery Goals That Fit Your Situation

Not everyone recovering from drug or alcohol problems is at the same stage of the process. Some people are just beginning their recovery journey. In contrast, others have been sober for months, years, or even longer.

If you hope to stick to your addiction recovery goals, it’s crucial that those goals are appropriate for you. Experts often recommend that people just getting started on their journey focus on specific short-term goals. If pursued and achieved, these goals help set the stage for lasting sobriety. Common recommendations include:

  • Joining a self-help group and attending regularly
  • Checking in regularly with your doctor or therapist
  • Eating well
  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Taking active steps to connect with other people

You may also benefit from setting achievable goals in other areas of your life.

Step #3: Join an Alumni Program

Alumni programs can also play a big part in your ability to meet your addiction recovery goals. These programs are reserved for people who have completed substance treatment. They allow you to reconnect with others who share experiences similar to yours. In this way, they can build up a network of sobriety allies. Alumni programs also allow you to stay in touch with knowledgeable recovery experts.

In addition, a comprehensive program may provide you with several other benefits. For example, your program may offer access to important fitness resources. Top programs even provide sober companions to help you steer clear of trouble in high-stress situations.

Meet Your Addiction Recovery Goals With Help From New Start Recovery

Need help sticking to your recovery goals? Talk to the experts at New Start today. We’ll help you devise a strategy that fits your current situation. We’ll also show you how to stick to that strategy during daily life.

In addition, New Start Recovery supports your efforts with an active, engaged alumni program. This program is designed to foster participation and communication with your recovery peers. It also provides several additional services that help you stay sober and well. For more information on our offerings, call us at [Direct] or fill out our online form.

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