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Substance Abuse is Rising in the Restaurant Industry

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Substance Abuse is Rising in the Restaurant Industry

substance abuseYou’d be lying to yourself if you’ve never felt stressed out watching Hell’s Kitchen. It’s honestly a stressful show to watch. But, are all restaurants in the industry like this? Do all chefs promote high anxiety in the work area? Restaurants are one of the few businesses that carry high demand and high anxiety. And with anxiety and stress come substance abuse and alcoholics.

You have people coming in and out every day, requesting certain meals to be prepared; But with no onion, Can I have the dressing on the side?, Can you make this meal, even though it’s not on the menu? I would like a veggie sandwich, but can you take out the lettuce, cucumbers, onion, spinach and tomatoes? …You get it.

In a survey studying the top 5 industries that attracted substance abuse, restaurants are at the top of the list. People who work in the restaurant industry (servers, cooks and prep cooks, bartenders, etc.) use illegal drugs at twice or more the national average.

Many Restaurants Don’t Drug Test Their Employees

Not only that, but many restaurants don’t show any information about substance abuse or drugs in the workspace. Employees don’t learn how drugs are unhealthy, and when they feel anxious and stressed, it results in them taking some. A lot of employees will begin taking them after a long work day, or in between shifts at the restaurant. Employees can work overtime in a stressful environment like this and feel they need a kick of energy to take on the rest of the day. Another way drugs are shown in restaurants is the use of distributing them. We all know waitresses make the money from their tips. Their tips could be even more if they sell to a returning customer. 

Substance Abuse and Drinking

Substance abuse is bad in the restaurant industry, but so is alcohol. They go hand in hand because the majority of restaurants supply alcoholic beverages. It’s so easy for bartenders, servers or chefs to get their hands on it. Restaurants have the 3rd highest alcohol abuse percentage out of a list of industries. 

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