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10 Fun Activities You Can Do When You’re Sober

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10 Fun Activities You Can Do When You’re Sober

If you’re new to the sober life, or you’re running out of ideas to do, check out our list below! We made a list of 10 fun activities you can do. Whether you like being active, or you’re a major couch potato, we have ideas for everything. 

20 Fun Activities

1. Turn on the TV!

  • If you’re a couch potato like me, you’ll like this idea. Turn on your TV and binge watch a show. Invite your friends over for a Star Wars or HP marathon. Or watch a show/movie on Netflix. New series and movies come out every month, and Netflix even creates original shows. I promise there will be a show on there that you will absolutely love.

2. Join a Gym!

  • You can also do the VERY opposite of being a couch potato, which is going to the gym! Sign up for a gym in your area and work on your fitness and health. You’ll feel  so energized and happy. It’s a rewarding feeling to work out for an hour 3-5 days a week.

3. Go Outside!

  • On perfect temperature days, there’s nothing better than spending it outside. Go for a walk or hike around your town. Enjoy nature and scenery and explore. It’s such a refreshing feeling being outside, with the breeze and birds flying around. You’ll feel rejuvenated and happy. 

4. Ride a Bike!

  • Another fun activity to do is ride a bike. If you don’t like working out, riding a bike is a great alternative way to exercise. You can buy a bike or rent a bike, and explore the city of yours. You can meet up with friends, ride your bike on a hiking trail, or go to the store. It’s a very useful way to transport yourself without walking. 

5. Play Video Games!

  • Another couch potato idea is to play video games! You can invite your friends over for a tournament match, or play online! There are so many games, for all different consoles! Find a game you think you’ll enjoy and play some rounds. You can also have your friends add you to their consoles so you can play together from the comfort of your own homes!

6. Take a College Course!

  • You have your whole life to learn things. You learn stuff every day, about yourself and about life! If you are strongly interested in gaming, art, literature, science, or really anything, take a class in it. Educate yourself in the subject you want to learn about. There are so many things you can learn and it’s great learning new techniques and information. Look online for classes and take one online or attend a class in person.

7. Read a Book!

  • Books are great. If there’s a time during lunch or before bed, reading a book is a great idea. It helps you and educates you with literature, and increases your imagination. You can read from books to magazines and learn a lot from both.You can also visit your local library and get a free card so you can rent books out. It’s so good for the mind and if you need recovery book suggestions, check out our blog here! 

8. Volunteer Somewhere!

  • If you have extra time and feel like making a difference, volunteer somewhere! You can go to many different places to volunteer. There are animal shelters, vets, hospitals, homeless shelters, food kitchens, and much more. If you are interested in a specific subject, see if you can volunteer at a company in your area. 

9. Play a Sport!

  • If you’re into sports, why not join one?! There are so many sports you can join depending on your skill level. Swimming, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, the list goes on! If there’s a sport you absolutely love, join it for some extra exercise and fun. 

10. Go to an Aquarium or Zoo!

  • Who doesn’t love animals!?!? Go to an aquarium or zoo and explore the animals and events there! Different zoos and aquariums hold different events at different times, plus you can explore the exhibition entirely. It’s so cool to see the different animals there and take pics of your favorites. It’s a great bonding experience if you have children, too.

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