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3 Most Popular Alcohol Detox Methods

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3 Most Popular Alcohol Detox Methods

3 Most Popular Alcohol Detox MethodsBefore it’s possible to attend rehab and begin making strides toward recovery, patients struggling with an alcohol addiction need to successfully complete an alcohol detox. This process typically lasts a week, but it can be very challenging. There are many different types of alcohol detox methods, but some are certainly more effective than others.

Is Cold Turkey Self Detox at Home a Good Idea?

Unfortunately, quitting cold turkey remains one of the more popular alcohol detox methods. This essentially involves the cessation of all alcoholic consumption and the desire to quit drinking without any professional medical supervision.

There are a number of reasons why this detox method doesn’t work. To start, quitting cold turkey can be incredibly dangerous. The withdrawal symptoms during an alcohol detox are more than just unpleasant, and they can be very dangerous if they aren’t treated by medical professionals. While there is only a 10% chance of suffering from delirium tremens during detox, also known as DT, that risk alone should encourage prospective sober patients to head to a proper detox center.

In-Hospital Alcohol Detox Methods

In some cases, patients are at a high risk for complications during an alcohol detox. This might be because of their history of alcohol or drug use, their family history with addiction or just their medical health. Either way, this will typically be made known during an initial assessment or evaluation.

When patients are very high-risk and in need of emergency medical treatment, it might be best for them to get help for their addiction in a hospital facility. Keep in mind that this isn’t required for most patients. The large majority of patients who want to overcome their alcohol addictions will be successful with alcohol detox methods less intensive than hospitalization. Attending an alcohol detox center like New Start Detox still offers 24/7 medical care, and emergency treatment can be arranged if or when it’s necessary.

Using Pharmacological Means to Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms

Another of the most popular alcohol detox methods is treating withdrawal symptoms with medications. It’s important to remember that these medicines are administered by medical professionals in a clinical facility to ensure safety for patients.

Not all patients, however, want to use pharmacological methods during detox. If they are already recovered from a drug addiction, for instance, they may not want to become reliant on any more substances, even if they are medically prescribed. Other patients simply don’t want to dull their senses during detox, and would like to avoid all medications that might impair cognitive function or awareness.

Trying to detox from alcohol without professional help is never a good idea, and it could even end up being fatal. A far better choice is a place like New Start Detox, where we offer multiple approaches to a successful, lasting alcohol detox. Call 855.737.7363 to start your own journey to sobriety today.

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