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What are My Options for an Accredited Inpatient Detox Center in Tustin?

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What are My Options for an Accredited Inpatient Detox Center in Tustin?

When you’re ready to tackle addiction head on, the best course of action is to attend an accredited inpatient detox center. For residents of Orange County, an inpatient detox center in Tustin may feel like the right fit. There are many options to choose from, so take some time to narrow down the choices and find the best, most suitable inpatient detox center in Tustin or nearby that will meet your needs or the needs of your loved one.

Exploring the Area for All Available Options

If you have set your scope on detox options in the Tustin area, consider widening your search parameters slightly. Tustin is a relatively small city with a population of 75,000, and it may not have a wide range of options for your detox.

Instead of just limiting the search to Tustin, look just beyond the city limits to other nearby destinations where high-quality care might be available. New Start Detox, for example, boasts two incredible, luxurious detox facilities in Santa Ana and North Tustin. You can still stay within Orange County and get the quality you deserve, but you might have to look beyond the city borders of Tustin in order to get it.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Options

It’s also important to realize that not all detox facilities treat every type of addiction. Some detox centers focus exclusively on detoxing from alcohol, and others may emphasize recovery from opiate addictions. As you conduct research on the various detox centers in the Tustin area, don’t forget to check and ensure that a center offers the kind of  you need. Not all detox programs are the same, and there can be major differences in medication, assistance and expertise, depending on the types of substance abuse and addiction treated in the facility.

Consider the Quality and Comfort Level of the Facility

Just because you find an inpatient detox center in the area, there’s no guarantee that it can deliver the quality treatment you want. First, ensure that the center is registered in the state, properly licensed and accredited by at least one major medical governing body.

Then, take a look at the size of the facility. Since the best detox centers will offer plenty of customized, personalized attention, a smaller facility with fewer beds might be ideal. Excellent facilities, outdoor space and excellent onsite dining can make detox easier and more enjoyable for patients.

Insurance, Expenses and Affording an Inpatient Detox Center in Tustin

Finally, don’t forget about how you plan to pay for detox. A reputable inpatient detox center in Tustin should accept a range of health insurance plans. New Start Detox, for instance, accepts all of the following, making it easier to afford and pay for the detox you need:

  • Cigna
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • HealthNet

As you search for an accredited inpatient center in Tustin and throughout Orange County, think about New Start Detox. Call 855-737-7363 to learn about both incredible locations and how you can begin your detox today for a healthy, happy and sober life.

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