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Alcohol Addiction: Can We Ever Have Just One Drink Again?

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Alcohol Addiction: Can We Ever Have Just One Drink Again?

alcohol addictionWhat is addiction, really? You could say you’re addicted to coffee, or you’re addicted to Facebook… Maybe you’re addicted to texting or taking online quizzes to see what utensil you’d be. Those are all phrases you use daily, when you’re talking about someone constantly doing that certain thing. “I’m addicted to Facebook stalking.” “I’m addicted to McDonald’s fries.” You depend on it, you crave it, and you want more of it. Alcohol addiction is similar, but a little more intense. The word addiction plays loosely around people who don’t know what addiction is. What I’m saying is no, you’re probably not addicted to Facebook, texting or McDonalds fries. If you’re out camping with no cell service, would you hurt people to get on Facebook one last chance? Would you lie, run away? Addiction is more intense than opening Facebook every chance you get to see your notifications.

So…What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol is the most severe form of problem drinking. You have a crappy day of work, you drink. You had a bad breakup, you drink. Your friends invited you out, you drink. We drink constantly. It relaxes us. It’s normal to have a drink after work, or a shot to celebrate a promotion. But how can someone get sucked into drinking it excessively?

Alcoholism is a chronic disease that more than 3 million people suffer with each year. It’s characterized by the inability to stop drinking due to an emotional or physical dependency.

You might be able to drink a beer at night without a problem, but for others, it’s more challenging. And they don’t want it to be challenging, it’s just something that happens. And the best way to deal with their alcohol addiction is by being sober.

You Can’t Cure Addiction.

alcohol addictionAlcohol addiction is complicated. Just like cancer or heart disease, it happens to some and not others. And while I’d love to say that alcohol addiction is curable and you’ll be able to drink in X amount of years, the truth is it’s not. Addiction is a disease and it’s always going to be with you. Your task is to manage your disease like you would with any other diagnosis. You are in charge of your disease and treating it. Just because you’re maintaining your sobriety and you haven’t sipped an alcohol beverage in so long doesn’t make it okay to start drinking again. This is the most common misconception about alcoholics. Sobriety is key to preventing relapses.

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