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Is an Alcohol and Drug Detox Program Basically the Same Thing?

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Is an Alcohol and Drug Detox Program Basically the Same Thing?

Whether you’re addicted to drugs, to alcohol or to both, you will need to undergo a medically supervised detox in order to break free from addiction and enjoy a life of lasting sobriety. There are many similarities between an alcohol and drug detox program, but there are also some distinct differences. Take a closer look at the two and understand how they might differ and how each could be beneficial for your recovery.

Exploring the Process of an Alcohol and Drug Detox Program

When you decide to begin an alcohol and drug detox program, the general process will typically be the same no matter what your addiction may be. It will start with an evaluation or an assessment at admission, which reveals the severity of your addiction and whether hospitalization might be necessary if a case proves to be extreme.

The basic process of detox, whether for drugs, alcohol or both, involves ceasing all substance abuse so that the body can withdraw from it entirely. This could take several days, but the result is patients who are free from toxins and ready to begin rehab and continue further on the road to complete recovery.

Comparing Withdrawal Symptoms for Various Detox Programs

One of the most notable differences between an alcohol and drug detox program is the type of withdrawal symptoms as well as the severity. For both types of detox, symptoms like depression, anxiety, muscle aches, insomnia and nausea are common. However, alcohol also brings with it the issue of delirium tremens, or DT.

DT occurs in just one-tenth of patients involved in an alcohol detox, but it’s an important concern to be aware of. DT can cause symptoms like hallucinations, anger, confusion and even seizures, and it requires emergency medical care in order to prevent patients from harming themselves or others. Drug detox patients, while they can also have extreme withdrawal symptoms, don’t need to worry about DT.

Medications and Treatment Methods for Various Detox Programs

For an alcohol detox, patients rarely need to take any prescription medications. They might, however, be offered over-the-counter medications that can help them to deal with some of the discomfort of withdrawal. Drug detoxes, however, may be conducted with the help of a synthetic drug that makes the process easier. This is especially true for opiate addictions, because detox can be very challenging without some pharmacological assistance.

Length of Detox for Drugs and Alcohol

A typical drug or alcohol detox program will last a week, although there are plenty of reasons why that number might go up or down. Contrary to popular belief, however, it’s usually the alcohol detox that lasts longer than the drug detox, because physical symptoms may continue for more than one week, while drug withdrawal symptoms tend to be over in as little as five days.

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