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Atheist in Addiction Recovery: Is It Possible to Recover Without God?

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Atheist in Addiction Recovery: Is It Possible to Recover Without God?

atheist in addiction recoveryIt’s important to find an addiction recovery program that you feel comfortable with. There are recovery programs that focus around Christianity and God, and there are programs that don’t take a spiritual approach. In many cases, though, people find it easier to defer toward a higher power in their recovery. So, are you just totally screwed if you’re an Atheist in addition recovery? Or, is it possible to go through recovery as a non believer?

Recovery is challenging, but religion provides many with a strong support network. You can pray, meditate, talk and read about lessons in the Bible, and find support in church communities. But if you’ve tried to connect to a religion and it’s not working out for you, it’s okay. It will be a little trickier, and some AA meetings might be harder to go through, but there are plenty of atheists in recovery who have found ways to navigate around religion.

Being an Atheist in Addiction Recovery

  1. Stay Truthful
    It’s unhealthy to force a religion on yourself if you really don’t feel it. Just because you’re recovering from addiction in a community that are big believers in God doesn’t mean you have to, too. Stay true to yourself and be open to telling others if you’re in the position to do so.
  2. Look for other Resources
    There are many resources that don’t use religion as a base. Non religious people use SMART Recovery which focuses on motivation, coping skills, life management and balance. LifeRing and Secular Organizations for Sobriety are also programs that could work for you that use scientific research on self-empowerment instead of using religion.
  3. God Doesn’t Have To Be Your Higher Power
    If you’ve attended AA, NA or gone through the 12 Steps, God is the traditional higher power that people talk and pray to through recovery. If you’re an atheist in addiction recovery, you’ll need something else to express your higher power. Science or Reason are both great examples of higher power you can use for recovery.

Those who do not believe in God are just as capable recovering from addiction as anyone else. We hear a lot about praying and using the 12 Steps to recover from addiction, but any higher power will work. Science or Reason are popular higher power concepts people use if they aren’t religious. Some even go as far as saying that the ocean is their higher power because it provides peace, tranquility, and entire ecosystems. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re willing to acknowledge that some form of higher power than you is out there. Believe whatever you want to believe!

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