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Dealing with Disappointment in Addiction Recovery

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Dealing with Disappointment in Addiction Recovery

Unless you’re riding the “pink cloud,” early recovery pretty much sucks. Period. You’re already feeling some combination of tired, bored, and sick from the initial detox, and all you can see ahead is an eternity of saying “no” to something that once brought so much joy. But remember, it’s normal to romanticize past substance use and neglect to remember the ugly consequences. With that lack of perspective, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by disappointment in the first stages of recovery.

dealing with disappointment

Disappointment is a natural feeling that everyone experiences in their lifetime. We can’t expect life to be perfect and amazing because it isn’t. Life brings us curve balls when we least expect it. And just because you’re disappointed in something doesn’t mean that feeling will last forever. We are meant to overcome feelings, and power through them. Dealing with disappointment is not easy, and in some circumstances can be really painful. Whether it’s someone else we are disappointed in, or we disappoint ourselves, there’s only one thing to do; learn from it and move on. 

Reasons to be Disappointed in Recovery

  •  Recovery is not what you anticipated; more challenging, difficult, uncomfortable

  • It’s very slow paced for you

  • Haven’t felt as welcomed as you’d expected from your friends/family

  • Recovery isn’t what you thought it’d be; boring, restless, sick

Dangers of Disappointment in Recovery

  • More inclined to relapse

  • Fail to see the good in their sobriety; pessimistic about recovery

  • Start to blame others for your mood

  • It can drain your energy levels; be unmotivated, no ambition

Dealing with Disappointment in Recovery

  • Find the friends and family members who support you, and talk to them. By venting and talking about what you’re thinking, it will allow you to open up and for them to understand. They might also be able to help you and suggest ideas for you.

  • Visit a local gym or do yoga. By exercising your mind and body, it will relieve the stress you have and make you feel better. It will also keep your body healthy at the same time!

  • If you’re struggling and don’t have anyone to turn to, speak with a therapist. Therapists are professionals and it’s their job to make you feel better and talk about ways to overcome problems. It will allow you to accept sobriety and recovery a little more.

  • Attend AA, NA or other meetings. By attending meetings that support addiction, it will help you to listen to others who might be struggling with your problem as well. You can also open up and ask for advice from fellow recovering addicts as well.

  • If you don’t want to open up and talk about it, you could write in a journal instead. There are several benefits of writing in a journal or keeping a gratitude journal. And this way, you’ll be able to open up without sharing it to anyone. It’s just for you, and you only. 

If you’re struggling with addiction or recovery, we want to help. Call us at 855-737-7363 or live chat with us and we can try to assist you the best we are able. You’re not alone.

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