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Depression is Linked to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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Depression is Linked to Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Depression and addiction are often connected. Depression can be a cause of addiction, and addiction can be a cause of depression. They can also both be symptoms of the same problem.

People with depression may turn to drugs or alcohol to try to escape their feelings. Or they may use drugs or alcohol to try to cope with their depression. This can lead to addiction.

People with addiction may also suffer depression. This is partly because addiction can cause a lot of problems in people’s lives. It can also be because of the chemicals in drugs and alcohol. In fact, these chemicals can affect the brain and lead to depression.

Depression and addiction are both serious mental health problems. Therefore, it is important to get help for both of them. A depression treatment program can help people with depression and addiction to get better. To learn, call us today at 833.433.0448 for more information.

Understanding the Connection Between Depression and Addiction

Mental health professionals commonly prescribe medication to treat depression. However, the overall effectiveness of the medication isn’t universally agreed upon. Some studies show that anti-depressants work particularly well for moderate to severe depression, but not so much for milder forms. So if you are depressed, what else can you do besides use medication? Typical suggestions—and good ones—are exercise, deep breathing, meditation, and good nutrition.

Another, perhaps lesser-known way to work yourself out of depression is through creativity. For instance, studies report positive results when music therapy is added to a treatment plan that addresses depression. The studies show reduced heart rate, cortisol levels, and other stress indicators. Expressing yourself creatively can help raise your self-esteem and take your mind off your troubles. It can also be a constructive way to express your troubles.

5 Ways to Deal with the Depression behind Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

  1. Creative hobbies that involve crafting are known to relieve depression and anxiety, which can help with drug addiction and alcoholism. Examples include quilting and other forms of sewing, collage, decoupage, scrapbooking, and woodwork.
  2. Writing is another form of self-expression, often used during drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the form of journaling. Poetry, short stories, and essays are also good, therapeutic writing projects.
  3. Landscaping gets your design juices flowing and helps you get grounded. An example of indoor landscaping is the Bonsai tree design, which affords an interesting opportunity for creative expression.
  4. Making gifts for birthdays and other special occasions is a great way to get out of yourself and connected to others. Coming up with ideas that are especially suited to certain people is part of the creative process. Use their favorite colors, quote from their favorite book, make something you are sure they would wear.
  5. Visual art like sketching, sculpting, or painting is another way to dispel the depression and anxiety that can accompany drug addiction and alcoholism.
  6. Seeking professional help. If you are not currently seeing a therapist or counselor, it is important to seek qualified professionals. A therapist can help you understand and manage your depression. They can also provide guidance on how to stay sober or drug-free.

By occupying your time and thoughts with something creative, you are likely to improve self-esteem and either develop or add to your artistic skillset. Do not worry if the final product is not professional grade. The creative process matters most when dealing with depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction.

Get Help With a Depression Treatment Program

If you are struggling with depression and addiction, it is important to get help from a qualified mental health professional. A depression treatment program can provide you with the tools and support you need to manage your symptoms and live a healthy life.

We can help you overcome depression. Call New Start Recovery today at 833.433.0448.

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