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What to Expect in a Residential Addiction Rehab

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What to Expect in a Residential Addiction Rehab

Residential treatment in rehab is a common option for people affected by moderate-to-severe addiction. This treatment takes a live-in approach that requires you to stay onsite while getting the help you need. What happens while you’re in residential treatment rehab? The details of your stay depend on the specifics of your unique situation. However, it is possible to describe the typical rehab stay in general terms. 

At New Start Recovery, we understand the complexities of residential addiction rehab and are here to help. Use our convenient online form or call us at [Direct] to learn more about what to expect in a residential treatment program.

Your Treatment Team in Residential Addiction Rehab

In a well-designed residential treatment program, you will receive help from a number of professionals. These professionals coordinate their activities as members of your treatment team. The typical team includes personnel such as:

  • Doctors
  • Psychotherapists
  • Counselors
  • Nurses
  • Case managers

Each of these specialists supports your recovery in their own way. They work together with you to help create your personalized recovery plan. 

Your Recovery Plan in a Residential Treatment Program

Your recovery plan, or treatment plan, forms a blueprint for the help you receive in rehab. It includes the specific kinds of treatment you receive while in residential care. The most common treatment options include:

  • Medication
  • Group or individual therapy
  • Family therapy

Your customized plan may also include other forms of treatment. For example, you may need specialized help to support recovery from past traumatic experiences. You may also benefit from participation in an onsite 12-step program. 

In addition, you may need targeted care for dual diagnosis. This is the name for the combined effects of addiction and other significant mental health issues. Effective dual diagnosis treatment addresses all such issues in a comprehensive, integrated recovery plan. 

All treatment plans in a high-quality rehab program are adjustable. As your needs change, your recovery team will alter the kinds of treatment you receive. In this way, you’ll always receive the best possible support for reaching your sobriety goals.

The Typical Day in Residential Addiction Rehab

What does the typical day in residential addiction rehab look like? Structure is key to your recovery. This means that you will likely rise in the morning at a preset time along with all other rehab participants. Once awake, you’ll eat breakfast and get ready for the day ahead.

One of the key advantages of a residential treatment center is ample time to receive all needed help. Part of your morning will likely be devoted to some form of therapy or counseling. In most treatment plans, more therapy takes place in the afternoon. 

The work you do in therapy supports you in a variety of ways. For example, it helps you recognize harmful habits that keep addiction active. It also helps you change those habits and learn how to decrease your relapse risks. 

Nights are often reserved for participation in your mutual self-help group. Research shows that the peer support provided by these kinds of groups furthers your recovery in important ways. You will go to bed at a time that helps ensure you get adequate rest for the following day. 

Free Time in Your Residential Treatment Program

You will be busy most of the time in residential addiction rehab. However, free time is also usually available. During this free time, you can engage in leisure activities that don’t interfere with the overall goals of your treatment. 

Turn to New Start’s Residential Treatment Center for High-Quality Care

At New Start Recovery, we specialize in residential addiction treatment. Our customized program features treatment plans designed to take full advantage of your time in rehab. No matter how serious your addiction, we support your return to wellness.

For more information on our residential services, call us today at [Direct]. You can also fill out our convenient online form.

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