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What Is Sublocade and Can It Help Me?

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What Is Sublocade and Can It Help Me?

If you’re addicted to opioids, your recovery plan will probably include both medication and therapy. Together, these two options make up what is known as a medication-assisted treatment program or MAT program. One of the main medications used in MAT is the opioid buprenorphine. When prescribed properly, buprenorphine supports your goal of achieving and maintaining sobriety. In certain circumstances, you may receive it in the form of the brand-name medication Sublocade.

What Is Sublocade?

Sublocade is a medication that helps people with an opioid addiction. It is a long-acting form of buprenorphine, which is a medication that helps reduce cravings for opioids. Sublocade is given as an injection once a month and it can help people stay in treatment and reduce the risk of relapse.

You cannot take Sublocade on your own. Instead, you must receive your injection from a healthcare professional. In turn, only a professional working at a certified facility can provide the medication to you. 

What Is Sublocade Used For?

Although it’s an opioid like morphine or codeine, Sublocade is not appropriate for pain relief. Doctors only use it in the context of treating opioid addiction. It can play an important role in developing an effective MAT recovery plan.

Who Qualifies for Sublocade Injection?

All forms of buprenorphine help you stop using stronger, more dangerous kinds of opioids. They do not produce the powerful euphoria associated with an opioid high. Instead, they help protect you from the full effects of opioid withdrawal. They also help you avoid relapsing back into uncontrolled drug use. 

You will not receive a Sublocade injection as your first form of buprenorphine treatment. Instead, your doctor will only prescribe it if:

  1. You have received an oral buprenorphine medication for a week or longer
  2. Withdrawal symptoms have been under control throughout that time
  3. Treatment includes more than Sublocade or another medication

Your Sublocade use must fit into your overall MAT plan to meet this third criterion.

Sublocade Medication-Assisted Treatment

A MAT plan that includes Sublocade may be referred to as Sublocade medication-assisted treatment. This kind of treatment addresses the symptoms of your opioid addiction. However, it doesn’t stop there. In addition, it addresses other aspects of your life that have a bearing on your recovery.

Psychotherapy extends the usefulness of medication in MAT programs. It does so by:

  • Helping you understand how opioid addiction affects you
  • Showing you how to recognize the things that tend to trigger your opioid use
  • Teaching you how to avoid these things when possible
  • Improving your coping skills in situations when you can’t avoid your triggers
  • Helping you change thinking and behavior that lead to or support opioid abuse

MAT does more than make it possible for you to complete opioid treatment. It also reduces your risks of relapse and improves your ability to function day-to-day. In addition, it decreases the overall odds that you will die from an opioid-related cause. The long-term goal of MAT is a full recovery from opioid problems. Research shows that it is the current gold standard for effective treatment. 

Learn More About Sublocade Medication-Assisted Treatment at New Start Recovery

New Start Recovery offers a variety of MAT options for opioid addiction. Those options include both medication and therapy. When appropriate, your MAT program may include the use of Sublocade. At all times, we follow current guidelines for the safe prescription of this medication.

To learn more about how Sublocade or other MAT options can help you recover, call us today at [Direct]. You can also contact us through our online information form. We’re standing by to discuss your options and help you create an effective treatment plan.

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