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Surprising Facts About Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Southern California

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Surprising Facts About Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Southern California

Surprising Facts About Southern California Drug and Alcohol Detox

As you begin the search for a reputable, quality drug and alcohol detox in Southern California, you’ll certainly come across a lot of options. However, there’s a lot that might not be apparent right away with a quick online search. With the following information about drug and alcohol detox centers in Southern California, you’ll be better equipped to select the right facility for you or a loved one in need of help.

Some Drug and Alcohol Detox Facilities are Very Large

Drug and alcohol detox facilities can vary significantly in size. While bigger might seem better, the opposite is often true. When a detox facility is too big, guests won’t get the individualized care they deserve.

A better option is to choose a detox center where there are just a handful of beds, preferably under 20. This ensures a better staff-to-patient ratio and makes sure that patients get the attention they will need to handle the process of detoxification.

Insurance May Not Always be Accepted

Sometimes, luxury detox centers that look great at first glance don’t actually accept insurance. As you begin the search for the right detox center in Southern California, pay close attention to available payment methods and insurance acceptance. Reputable, licensed facilities shouldn’t have any trouble accepting insurance from major providers, ensuring that patients from all walks of life get the necessary treatment.

Detox Centers Don’t Always Treat a Range of Addictions

Many individuals think that a detox facility can host patients of all types, but that simply isn’t true. Staff at rehab facilities may have experience dealing with alcohol detox, but they could be completely out of their element for prescription medications or heroin.

Although detox is marked by the absence of drugs and alcohol, treatment methods can vary significantly depending on the addiction. Places like New Start Detox, however, have diversely trained staff members to accommodate patients who need to detox from drugs and alcohol alike.

Detox Can Create a Secondary Addiction for Patients

Heading to detox should inherently mean the breaking of an addiction. However, in some cases, it can actually create a secondary addiction for patients. This is typically because of a poorly supervised medical detox, when patients rely on a synthetic opiate to reduce withdrawal symptoms. While there is absolutely a healthy way to utilize these medications in detox, they have to be administered and monitored very carefully to prevent a new addiction from springing up.

Treatment Isn’t Always Comprehensive

Detox isn’t just a period of seven or eight days where patients are forced to withdraw from their addictions. It’s also a time when, ideally, patients are given comprehensive care that aids in their health and their recovery. Unfortunately, some detox centers don’t look at it from a comprehensive perspective. Aim for drug and alcohol detox facilities that offer:

  • Individual counseling
  • An on-site chef and nutritious cuisine
  • Outdoor time
  • Recreational facilities
  • Comfortable accommodation

Learning more about detox can help you find the best center in Southern California. Call 855.737.7363 for information about New Start Detox and how it can transform your life, giving you control over your health, happiness and sobriety.

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