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Don’t Let Heroin Detox Side Effects Deter You from Sobriety

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Don’t Let Heroin Detox Side Effects Deter You from Sobriety

Don't Let Heroin Detox Side Effects Deter You from Sobriety

There’s no doubt that a heroin detox can be an unpleasant experience. Breaking free from a strong addiction to drugs isn’t easy, and heroin detox side effects can be uncomfortable. However, the brief period of withdrawal shouldn’t deter you from a lifetime of sobriety.

The Duration of a Heroin Detox

First, it may be important to specify the details of what a heroin detox is and how long it will last. Keep in mind that detox isn’t the same as rehab. If you see information regarding long-term treatment or 90-day programs, remember that those rehab options are very different from the actual detox experience.

Detox itself will last for approximately seven to eight days, if you’re breaking free from an opiate addiction. During this period, there will certainly be some heroin detox side effects. These symptoms will be more pronounced the longer you have had the addiction and the higher your dosage was when you were using heroin. Either way, however, the whole detox will likely be over in about a week.

Medications to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms

Another important thing to note is that many heroin detox side effects can be mitigated or even eliminated through medication. If you were to detox cold turkey, without any help or medical supervision, you would suffer alone and unnecessarily. In a medically supervised detox center, you have countless options available to you.

Some patients opt to greatly reduce their withdrawal symptoms through the use of synthetic drugs that can block opiate receptors in the brain. Alternatively, they can rely on things like IVs and non-opiate pain medication that can be administered by trained medical professionals in an effort to reduce discomfort during detox. You should never feel like detox will be unbearable, or that you won’t have access to the help and comfort you need throughout the process.

The Health Benefits of Sobriety

When you’re deciding whether to commit to a heroin detox, don’t dwell on the negatives like withdrawal symptoms. Instead, focus on the goal, and the positive things that can exist ahead.

Achieving sobriety might mean that you can reestablish relationships with your family members or your romantic partner. Your physical health will drastically improve, letting you pursue new hobbies and enjoy the great outdoors. You’ll have a clear mind, and you’ll once again be in control of your body and your actions.

Heroin Detox is an Investment in Your Life

Investing just seven days into a heroin detox can be the key to unlocking the rest of your life. There’s so much more waiting beyond detox, and heroin is only holding you back. The heroin detox side effects shouldn’t prohibit you from taking the time to turn your life around and invest in a brighter future.

The side effects and withdrawal symptoms of a heroin detox should never stop you from pursuing sobriety. Call 855-737-7363 to speak with someone at New Start Detox in Southern California. We offer detox programs designed to minimize discomfort and help you take back control over your life.

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