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For Meth and Heroin Addiction, Detox at Home Can Be Deadly

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For Meth and Heroin Addiction, Detox at Home Can Be Deadly

detox at homeAddiction recovery invariably begins with detox. Detox is the process by which the body and mind are freed from harmful contaminants—meth, heroin, or whatever else. Detox provides the foundation on which recovery is built. Without first ridding your body of harmful drugs, it is simply impossible to be physically or mentally able to work toward recovery.

The detox process is not without its challenges, though—especially when you attempt to detox at home.

This is frankly not recommended, because it can actually be quite dangerous. Detox brings with it withdrawal symptoms, which can be painful. When you detox in a clinical facility, such as New Start, you can ensure that those pains are managed and mitigated. When you detox at home, though, it can be all too tempting to forsake recovery and reach for drugs, alcohol—anything to numb the pain. This not only thwarts your detox process, but in many cases can lead to overdosing, which can be lethal.

Certainly, this is the case for meth addiction detox. As you withdraw from meth, you will experience intense cravings. This, coupled with deep psychological lows, can send you right back into using again—possibly at levels that are deeply dangerous.

The same holds true for heroin detox. This is one of the world’s most dangerous drugs, and detoxing from it can invite intense, excruciating withdrawal symptoms—symptoms that are difficult to cope with if you do not have the proper support structures in place.

Clinical detox provides those structures, as well as the potential for medical intervention that can ease and modulate the withdrawal pains—plus, around-the-clock supervision to ensure your health and safety throughout the detox. New Start is proud to provide both meth and heroin detox services; take your first step toward recovery by contacting us about detox today.

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