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Alcohol Screening Day

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Alcohol Screening Day

This year’s National Alcohol Screening Day is coming up on April 9.

Since 1999, the National Institutes of Health has set aside one day each year to raise public awareness for alcohol screenings.  Its purpose it simple: To encourage members of the public to get themselves screened for potential alcohol-related disorders.

If you have never been screened for an alcohol condition before, this is a great time to do it. The process is simple and easy: there are websites where you can be screened anonymously. The process consists of a few questions to answer about your lifestyle and health history, and may conclude with some general advice for seeking further evaluation or care. The screening should be free of charge, though you can think of it as a great investment in your health and well-being!

You may not think you need a screening. You may not think you have any struggles with alcohol. There are a couple of responses to this thinking, and the first is simply this: You have nothing to lose by getting a screening. Again, the process is quick, painless and free. All you sacrifice is a few minutes out of your day.

Moreover, a screening can be eye-opening. You may actually be genetically predisposed to alcohol addiction, or have current alcohol-related symptoms that you are simply not aware of. An early screening can show you areas in your personal health to be more aware of.

In addition, it opens the door for early intervention. With alcohol addiction, getting treatment early can help expedite and ease your recovery experience. That is a potentially big reward for what is ultimately a very small sacrifice—so make sure you and your loved ones take the opportunity to get screened this National Alcohol Screening Day.

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