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Jobs That Help and Support Addiction Recovery

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Jobs That Help and Support Addiction Recovery

jobsSome people in recovery or strongly support addiction recovery might want a job that works in that field. But how do you go about finding jobs that work with addiction recovery? There can be several positions and companies that work with recovery. If you’re trying to find a job in addiction and recovery, here is a list of suggestions for you.

Jobs You Might Like

  • Counselor

    If you’re interested in counseling, there are many positions as a therapist, counselor or doctor out there. Every addiction recovery job requires these job positions since it is part of recovery.

  • Administrator

    If you aren’t into counseling, you could work in administrations. This usually means you’re answering phone calls, sending out emails, talking to prospective clients and signing them up for their program.

  • Case Manager

    Case managers get to hang out with the clients in the program. They do preset assessment plans for the clients, facilitate one on one and group sessions, treatment planning, medications, run vitals, and much more.

  • Vocational Counselors

    Vocational Counselors help plan the client’s career choice. They assist client’s career planning, and help find jobs they might be interested in after treatment. Vocational counselors could also help find ways for you to be happier in the position you already have. 

  • Nurses

    Nurses are popular in the addiction recovery field because they take vitals and assist lab results. They also do drug screenings and oversee the client through the detox period. Nurses are also responsible for medication and making sure the client has the prescribed medications they need to have a comfortable detox.

  • Office Worker

    If you want to work in an addiction recovery center, but you don’t want to be handling the clients one on one, you can always work in the office. Many drug facilities are looking for people to advertise their company; doing outreach and sales, social media or making blog posts on the website (me).

Most of these positions require at least an Associate’s degree. For the positions that interact with clients, you might need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. If you’re interested in changing lives and helping others in recovery, these jobs are a great place to start!

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