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New Start Recovery Solutions: We Are Your Solution to Substance Abuse

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New Start Recovery Solutions: We Are Your Solution to Substance Abuse

New Start Recovery is your solution for substance abuse treatment. We treat substance abuse and mental health with professional and certified staff onsite. Our detox program is thorough and professional, lasting anywhere between 7-14 days. By the time you complete our detox program, you will be off of all substances. The next step in recovery is through a residential program, which we also provide at New Start Recovery. But… before I get into the details, I want to share why we are your New Start Recovery Solutions.

We are your New Start Recovery Solutions

  • We are in Orange County, California. Centered around beaches, parks, hiking trails, year-round perfect weather, and many job opportunities. A change of scenery can do wonders, and we believe it. Many of our clients have flown or traveled here from different states to admit in our programs. Moving to a new area can benefit you majorly, starting with a new life in recovery. You’re not isolating yourself with old friends or habits, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction.


  • We treat substance abuse and mental health. Many recovery centers will only treat substance abuse, but we have certified therapists and doctors to help your mental health, as well. For a full list of substances we treat, click here. For a full list of mental illnesses we treat, click here.

new start recovery solutions
  • Worried about getting dependent on Suboxone after rehab? Surprisingly, many detox programs still put you on some dosage of Suboxone when you leave treatment. At New Start, you won’t have to worry about that. We make sure you’re clean off everything by the time you finish our program.

    Suboxone/Buprenorphine is used to treat pain and addiction to narcotic pain relievers. We use it to treat addiction, but we will slowly lower your dosage gradualy with your stay with us. By the time you graduate our detox program, you’ll be clean off all substances.

  • We are your one-stop shop, all level care for treatment. You can come for detox, stay for residential, join our IOP program and move into our sober living home. We have different facilities for different programs and a variety of different outings and meetings throughout our programs. Rest assured, we have all the resources and staff needed for a successful recovery.

New Start Recovery Solutions
“From the moment the New Start staff meet you at the airport or the front door, you are treated like a human being and not a disease or a commodity. The staff are all very competent and compassionate and make sure clients are at ease every step along the way of their treatment plan. The facility is very comfortable and clean and the food is outstanding! For it being such a difficult moment in life, it was a very positive experience.” – Nona, Client and Alumni of NSR
  • We are JCAHO and CARF Accredited. This means that New Start has gone through the process of making our programs and staff professional and secure. We are accredited and safe for clients to admit to and we aim to be the best at what we do. We have meetings, group therapy, individual therapy, and outings that help our clients gain perspective and hope. New Start saves lives with our qualified programs and certified staff.


  • If you join our program, you’re in it for the long haul. We take recovery and aftercare very seriously and love touching base with our past alumni. If you’re part of our New Start family, you better believe that we will treat you like family. We have alumni meetings and group outings that we invite our past clients to ( it’s kind of like a secret club for alumni only 🙂 ). We are also a great support system. If you’re struggling with your sobriety, we want to help you. We are all here for you and will cheer you on.


  • If we tell you we don’t understand what you’re going through, we’d be lying. Most of our staff are in recovery themselves, which is why our program knows best. We understand what you’re dealing with, what detox is like, what withdrawal feels like, we’ve been there. We are your inspiration for a successful recovery story. Talk to us, let’s exchange stories and get to know each other better. We want to be your friends and your support, and that’s possible here at New Start. We got your back, we can relate to you and we know what it’s like. And we’re living proof that recovery is possible.

New Start Recovery Solutions

New Start Recovery is reliable. We are here to help you and show you recovery is possible and recovery is awesome.

We are your New Start Recovery solutions.

New Start Recovery Solutions

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New Start Recovery Solutions

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