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Reminders for Why You Stopped Drinking

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Reminders for Why You Stopped Drinking

We all need reminders sometimes. Especially if you’ve been sober for a decent while, attended countless AA meetings, and grew up a little since your problem days. You forgot what beer tastes like, but you consider the possibility of drinking again. After all, you were in high school when you became a drunk. And it was within reason. But now that you’re sober, you think maybe you can do it now. Maybe, just maybe, you can have a beer with your friends. 


When you were in high school, you were dependant on alcohol and drugs. That dependency doesn’t go away. Just because you’re older and wiser doesn’t mean you can drink responsibly now. You take one sip and you could trigger a relapse into the ER and down the stressful path of addiction again.

And I’m not saying you can never think about alcohol again. I’m sure it crosses your mind every day. Every time you open the fridge, you see your girlfriends opened bottle of wine. Maybe you smell it, maybe you don’t. Maybe you think later that evening when everyone’s in bed, you can sneak a glass. But then you don’t. Alcohol crosses everyone’s minds, whether we were addicted or not. It’s consumed everyday by thousands of people. It’s part of our society, and you made the choice to break up with your addiction because you became suffocated by it. 

Remember your rock bottom story?


Do you remember how it felt being belligerent?


Your mom finding you passed out on the floor?


Your younger brother covering for you saying it wasn’t you that opened the alcohol cabinet when your parents were gone?


Do you remember that person?


We all need reminders. You can be sober for 1 month or 15 years and we still need reminders. Having reminders doesn’t mean we were planning to use again. Being reminded doesn’t mean we want our old life back. It just simply means it’s helpful to have reminders.


1. Saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a month.

2. Healthier and in better shape than you were before.

3. Closer with your family and friends.

4. You set goals and see a future in yourself.

5. Saving money for wedding, car, house, apartment, kids

6. Continuing to drink could kill you.

7. Sobriety makes you proud of yourself, and your friends/family are proud of you too.

8. Alcohol and drugs don’t benefit you in any way.

9. Your sober friends and sponsor support you.

10. You don’t want to go through addiction and detox all over again.

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