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Rising Drug Use in Middle Class Suburban Homes

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Rising Drug Use in Middle Class Suburban Homes

We’ve all heard the “just say no” chorus since Nixon declared drug use to be America’s public enemy #1 in 1971. But until quite recently, drug use in America felt to many of us like “someone else’s problem”. Opioid manufacturers changed that when they began peddling drugs like OxyContin and Vicodin. Now drug use hits close to home; sometimes, closer than we even realize. Rising drug use in middle class suburban homes is leaving many parents and loved ones blindsided.

Rising Drug Use in Middle Class Suburban Homes

Prescription Drug Abuse in the Suburbs

The rising drug use in middle class suburban homes is mainly due to the proliferation of relatively expensive prescription opiates. While the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80’s and 90’s primarily affected urban areas, crack rarely made its way into middle class homes. There was simply not the same kind of direct supply like there is today.

Companies like Purdue Pharmaceuticals changed all that. They not only took away the illegal barrier to narcotics, but the guise of prescriptions made opiates seem safe (or even “good for your health”—that’s why doctors prescribe them, right?). Although prescription drug manufacturers can guarantee a purer product, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous or less addictive than its street-peddled cousins. What we’re basically saying is…

Addiction to OxyContin isn’t any better than addiction to heroin. In the end, they both destroy lives and families. Click To Tweet


If you’re concerned that your child may need help for drug abuse, contact one of our addiction counselors any time for a free case consultation: 855-737-7363

How Young Adults Get into Drugs Now

As a young adult in today’s world, access to prescription drugs is frighteningly easy. Part of the reason for rising drug use in middle class suburban homes: those homes have become on-demand dealers in the form of home medicine cabinets.

Whether young adults find these prescription opiates in their own homes or the homes of loved ones (grandparents in particular), it’s important to keep track for the sake of safety. Also keep in mind that opiates are not the only narcotic/mood-altering prescription medication that pose a risk. Benzos are another category of drugs that have exploded in popularity over the last 10-20 years.

Rising Drug Use in Middle Class Suburban Homes

What drugs should you look out for? Here are some names and brands you may recognize:


Narcotic used to treat pain









Opiate Addiction


Tranquilizer used to treat anxiety, panic disorder









Benzo Addiction

For more information, check out our drug addiction pages.

Growing Suburban Heroin Problem

The problem with prescription drug addiction in young adults is that their supply usually runs out. And since states are now cracking down on refills, people struggling with prescription abuse are turning to street drugs to get their fix. Heroin use has spiked fivefold in the last decade.

The 2017 documentary Heroin(e), currently available on Netflix, shows this scary transition firsthand. It’s an epidemic. And it may affect your family too. If you’re concerned about your child’s drug use, our counselors are available 24/7 for free treatment consultations: 855-737-7363

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