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Staying Sober on a Business Trip

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Staying Sober on a Business Trip

Staying SoberBusiness trips happen all the time. Your boss might want you at a conference, meeting clients, or doing sales. It’s a little tricky going out of town when you’re sober, though. So, how do you prepare for it? Is there a manageable way of staying sober on a business trip? Here’s some tips.


Staying Sober

Plan Ahead

Search for 12 Step Meetings, AA, or NA meetings. There are many websites that allow you to search for meetings around the world, for example:,, and more. If you find meetings that work with your work schedule, it will be easier to maintain your sobriety when you’re out of town. Find some that work for you and stick with the meetings when you’re on your business trip.

Make Local Contacts

Before and during your business trip, call Alcoholic Anonymous or Narcatic Anonymous offices and get names of people in the area that are recovering. Relapse can happen when you’re lonely or in a group of drinking friends, so it’s helpful to have recovering addicts’ phone numbers so you can reach out to them. Their phone numbers can also be helpful to have so you can meet up and befriend.

Bring Your Books

Bring your favorite books and audio about recovery so you have a fall back. Listen to it while you travel and while you’re there so you can keep the temptations away. AA’s “Big Book“ is a great resource to bring while you’re away, or you can download recovery podcasts and listen to them. There are so many books, audio and podcasts out there and I’m sure you’ll find some that will suit you while you’re away.


HALT (Hungry, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness) is something to avoid throughout your trip. Pack snacks and avoid circumstances that might make you feel upset. Your snacks will help you feel good if you get hungry when you’re out and about. It’s also encouraged to go to bed at a reasonable time so you get a good night’s sleep. If you’re happy, it makes life easier. You can always call your sponsor or any AA/NA friends you met if you need help.

Goodbye Booze

If you’re staying in a hotel, call ahead of time and ask them to remove the alcohol in the room. Most hotel rooms have a mini bar in each room, but you can always have the booze removed. It actually happens a lot, and hotel housekeepers are used to it. By removing the alcohol, you’ll be less tempted to start drinking. If you’re staying with a friend or co-worker, bring non-alcoholic drinks for yourself so you have something to drink if others are drinking alcoholic beverages.

Join a Meeting on the Go

If you’re in a stressful situation and can’t escape, you can join an online AA, NA, or 12 Steps from your phone. You can call in and join a chat room or conference meeting. There are also phone apps you can download that can help you with resources as well. If you’re finding yourself tempted or triggered, this is a great escape that can help you stay sober.

Are You Struggling As An Employee?

We understand the chaos work brings to everyday life. And we also understand why you wouldn’t want to seek help when you’re actively working and under the influence. For those struggling, or for those who aren’t sure if they have a problem, you’re allowed to seek help. Even while working.

Recovery Health Options is the employee/employer division of New Start Recovery. We know it’s important to work, but we also know it’s important for you to be healthy while you’re working. We tailor your work schedule so it fits your recovery. Your work doesn’t need to know about it, and they cannot fire you under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Substance Abuse Treatment guidelines.

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