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What to Expect in Professional Detox

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What to Expect in Professional Detox

A professional detox center is the recommended first step in effective substance treatment. All high-quality detox programs provide you with certain key services. Each of these services helps support your long-term success in recovery. Advanced knowledge of what to expect can be vital to preparing yourself for a detox program.

At New Start Recovery, we feature a full range of detox services. In all cases, methods are chosen to meet your specific needs at this crucial time. Our goal is to help you complete detox, establish initial sobriety and take the next steps in primary treatment.

Professional Detox Begins With a Complete Assessment

You will go through a thorough assessment process at the very start of detox. This process has several steps, including:

  • Identifying all of the substances in your system
  • Determining the methods needed to support you during the detox process
  • Uncovering any additional health issues that may be affecting you

These steps are essential to helping you get the full benefits of detox.

Help for Withdrawal Symptoms in Professional Detox

Providing help for withdrawal symptoms is one of the main missions of a detox program. Withdrawal is common among addicted people who stop drinking or using drugs. It begins when the substance in question starts to leave your system. Your brain will eventually adjust to the lack of drugs or alcohol. However, until it does, you must cope with:

  • The specific withdrawal symptoms associated with the substance in your system
  • Powerful urges to use more of that substance

Detox aims to keep the effects of withdrawal within a tolerable range. This can be crucial to your overall odds of recovering from substance problems. Why? If your withdrawal symptoms are too strong, you have a good chance of halting your recovery efforts then and there. During detox, steps will be taken to boost your general comfort level. You may also receive medication for your specific form of withdrawal.

Supporting Your General Health in Professional Detox

A well-designed detox program does not just focus on helping you through withdrawal. It also pays close attention to your over health during the withdrawal process. During detox, you will receive regular checks of your vital signs. Your doctor will also work to prevent potential withdrawal complications. In some cases, additional support may be required. For example, you may need nutritional assistance or IV fluids to help address any underlying health issues.

Professional Detox As Preparation for Follow-Up Treatment

During detox, you will spend some of your time preparing for a follow-up treatment program. Why? Detox alone is not enough to safeguard you from future substance problems. Instead, it serves as the first step in a longer recovery process. The next step in that process is the primary treatment.

As part of your preparation, you will learn more about primary treatment goals. You will also learn about the methods used to treat your particular form of addiction. In addition, a well-run detox program will explain the typical daily routine in the treatment environment.

Turn to New Start Recovery’s Professional Detox Center for Top-Quality Services

New Start Recovery is committed to fostering your success in detox. Our professional detox center provides a comprehensive solution. Whether you need help with drug or alcohol problems, we’ll conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and situation. Using the results of this assessment, we’ll put together a customized detox plan designed for maximum benefit. And once you complete detox, we make it easy to continue your recovery in one of our many treatment programs.

For more information on our professional detox services, call us today at [Direct]. Information is also available through our online form.

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