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Where to Find the Best Drug Detox Program in Newport Beach, CA?

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Where to Find the Best Drug Detox Program in Newport Beach, CA?

Drug addiction affects people in communities across the U.S. That includes people in the Newport Beach area. To start your addiction recovery, you need professional help in the form of a detox program. There are many such programs in any heavily populated area. However, not all detox facilities offer the same standard of care. So, where can you find the best Newport Beach detox center for you? Here are some of the things to look for when choosing your facility.

The Purpose of a Drug Detox Program in Newport Beach

Supervised detox is the widely recommended first step for recovery from drug addiction. That’s true regardless of the street drug or medication in your system. The primary goal of detox is to help you break your habitual cycle of drug use. You may find it very difficult, or even dangerous, to attempt this on your own. However, in a supervised program, you receive support that makes quitting much easier.

This support is necessary for a couple of key reasons. First, drug withdrawal can potentially put your life at risk. Most people don’t have such serious problems during withdrawal. But when they occur, you need prompt, professional care to help protect you from a worst-case outcome. Your risks for severe withdrawal are typically higher if you have a long-term pattern of heavy drug use.

You also need effective support for milder withdrawal symptoms. While these symptoms won’t threaten your life, they can:

  • Make you extremely uncomfortable]
  • Strain your ability to tolerate what’s happening to you
  • Reduce your desire to stick with detox and stop using drugs

The treatment you receive in detox helps you successfully manage your withdrawal symptoms. This way helps you keep moving forward toward a full recovery.

Features of a Quality Drug Detox Program in Newport Beach

As a rule, high-quality detox programs share some core features in common. This is true because they follow modern guidelines for providing detox services. These guidelines state that a well-designed program should:

  • Evaluate you thoroughly when you first arrive
  • Keep you safe and stable as you progress through the stages of withdrawal
  • Encourage and prepare you for participation in a follow-up drug treatment program

A thorough evaluation looks at your addiction symptoms in the context of your overall health. Doing so provides vital information on the best ways to support you during detox. Safety and stability are essential to meet the detox goal of establishing sobriety. And preparation for follow-up treatment increases your chances of doing well when that treatment begins.

Inpatient or Outpatient Care in a Drug Detox Program in Newport Beach?

Some people can safely go through drug detox on an outpatient basis. However, inpatient detox is often recommended. This higher level of care helps ensure that you receive 24/7 monitoring during withdrawal. It also provides round-the-clock assistance should you experience any serious issues. In addition, inpatient detox provides more time for you to receive any needed treatments. Ask your doctor or addiction specialist which option is recommended for your situation.

Seek Help From New Start Recovery’s Newport Beach Detox Center

Looking for a top detox provider in the Newport Beach area? Turn to the specialists at New Start Recovery. Our Newport Beach detox center offers convenient access for residents.

New Start features inpatient detox services. All treatment is based on the firmly established principles of proper drug detoxification. No matter the specific source of your addiction, our targeted approach provides the support you need. To learn more about quality detox in Newport Beach, call us today at [Direct]. You can also request information via our brief online form.

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