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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy in Recovery

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5 Ways to Keep Your Mind Healthy in Recovery

Think about the last time you actually sat down and took a legitimate break from everything. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Our daily lives can get very busy, very quickly without us even noticing. Sometimes we just need to step back and take a breath for our own mental health.

mindful and healthy in recovery

While everyone is aware of the benefits of eating right and exercising to keep your body healthy, too many people forget to work on their mind. Your mind is the center of your body and taking care of it is one of the biggest steps to healthy and happy living, especially after recovery. Check out this list of things you can do to give your mind the R & R it deserves!

1. Read a Book

readingBooks are a great way to pass time when you feel like spending the day indoors. They also provide the perfect opportunity to transport yourself elsewhere without even leaving your couch. Picking up a good fantasy fiction book can make you feel like you’re not even part of this world anymore. There is also a plethora of guidance books to help lend some inspiration and positivity into your mind. Check out our list of the Best Books on Addiction Recovery if you’re looking to relax while helping your mind stay on the right path.

2. Make a List of Things You’re Grateful For

Gratitude is a huge part of recovery, and even addicts with a lot of recovery time make it a daily part of their lives. It’s so easy to take things for granted and forget how amazing life truly is. When was the last time you really sat down and thought about the good parts of your life? Writing down a list of things you’re grateful for is the perfect way to acknowledge this positivity. Whether you’re grateful for your loved ones or the cozy blanket that may be keeping you warm as you read this, creating a list will naturally boost your spirits and keep your mind happy.

3. Practice Yoga

relaxing yogaWe might not all be super flexible yoga pretzels, and that’s okay. It is a widely accepted fact that yoga is good for the body and the mind. Studies have even shown that yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. You don’t need any fancy equipment, special yoga clothes, or even a teacher. All you need is to keep your mind open, focus on your yoga poses, and breathe. Practicing yoga even just once a week will help you to become happier, more relaxed, and more in tune with yourself. There are plenty of resources online to get started.

4. Identify Friends Who Support Your Sobriety

It is very important to surround yourself with people who support you – that means people who support your sober life as well. It’s always nice to have some time to yourself, but your mind also needs interaction. Bonding with someone sends an immediate dose of happiness straight to your mind. Find friends who lift you up and encourage you. It is critical that these friends support your choice to stay clean and sober. Avoid people who would pressure you into social drinking or drug use.

5. Go on a Hike

hikingAddiction recovery is all about learning to be present, and elevating natural endorphin levels is a great place to start. Hiking is a great mindful activity. There is no better place to find peace within yourself than the great outdoors! You’ll notice your worries slowly fade away when you’re away from all of the hustle and noise of the city. Experiencing nature, getting some exercise, and exploring your surroundings are great ways to help your mind feel rejuvenated and healthy.

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