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Choosing a Sober Living Home in California

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Choosing a Sober Living Home in California

Making the transition from a safe, contained setting in which you received treatment for a substance use disorder back into the regular, everyday life as you once knew it could be a challenge. During this delicate period, making the wisest decisions can be difficult. A sober living home can be pivotal in helping you bridge the gap between the sober living program that will help you get and stay clean and the familiar environment you are eager to return to at home. If you or someone you love is getting the addiction treatment they need and might benefit from sober living homes in California, contact New Start Recovery online or call us at [Direct] today to learn more about how a sober living home can play a vital part in your lifelong recovery journey.

What Is a Sober Living House?

The euphoria and freedom that can come with a return to everyday life after addiction treatment have the potential to derail your recovery progress and cause a relapse. Reentering the same world straight from rehab means you must be ready to immediately navigate an environment where negative influences may still be present, traumatic memories exist, and dangerous triggers may be lurking around every corner. Many people in recovery feel unprepared for this big step and find, instead, that transitioning to a sober living home first better sets them up for long-term success.

A sober living program is the halfway point. In a sober living home, you will have access to a bright, safe way to continue receiving treatment, learn more essential life skills, and introduce a helpful domestic structure into your routine. Spending time in a sober living house can also reduce the risk of relapse. Sober living in California will ease your transition from residential treatment back into a stable and sober living environment at home. You will continue to receive the support, guidance, and structure you have been relying upon in treatment to keep you on the straight and narrow. All of that will make it easier to successfully find your way back to an independent life, feeling healthier because you are confidently free of drugs and alcohol.

Your peers at a New Start Recovery sober living home will each have completed a successful detox, experienced a dual-diagnosis to identify any other underlying issues at the root of their substance use disorders, and a professional treatment program. One of the primary requirements for staying in a sober living home is staying clean and on the path toward a lifetime of recovery.

In addition to attending therapy while in sober living, you will still be:

  • Working at your current job
  • Going to school
  • Learning and practicing mindfulness
  • Attending individual and group therapy sessions
  • Helping make the sober living house clean
  • Held accountable for your actions and words

The Benefits of Sober Living Home

There are numerous benefits of transitional housing. A sober living program offers you a safe environment in which you will be allowed and encouraged to:

  • Continue progressing toward recovery goals
  • Receive continuous support
  • Receive additional guidance from professionals to help you stay sober
  • Get professional supervision
  • Develop an everyday routine with rules and accountability
  • Learn to treat yourself with kindness
  • Be kind to others inside and out of your sober living home
  • Be held accountable
  • Get screened for substance use
  • Reduce the chance of relapses
  • Get job placement help
  • Receive housing assistance
  • Learn how to set boundaries
  • Discover how to foster healthy relationships
  • Make new friends
  • Develop a support network of peers who understand your journey

Making the transition from a substance use disorder to a life of sobriety is not an easy path, but a sober living house can help you pave the road ahead. Sober living in California offers several benefits that will be crucial to you enjoying a happier, healthier life free of harmful substances. The sense of community that comes from living and sharing a space with others can help you regain confidence and develop positive social skills that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

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