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Exercise in Recovery: 7 Fun Ways to Ride Bikes Sober

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Exercise in Recovery: 7 Fun Ways to Ride Bikes Sober

Exercise in recovery is one of the best ways to make sobriety into a lifestyle. With our in-patient program, we’ve found that men in particular respond very well when introduced to exercise in recovery. Road and mountain biking are big components of our Amplified program. Keeping in that same spirit, we’ve outlined some ways to incorporate biking into your routine after discharge.

Exercise In RecoveryUrban/Beachside Adventuring

A great way to spend quality time with friends. Instead of bar crawling, why not hop on your fixies and take the gang out to explore the city? Choose a comfort-oriented bike for leisurely rides. To cover more ground (like riding to the beach!), consider a more performance-oriented type.


Great for getting in shape without having to plan/make time for rides. You’re going to work or school anyway, so might as well save on gas by riding your bike, right? Make sure to scope out a safe route first, as riding on urban roads alongside traffic can be dangerous. Hybrid, touring, and cyclocross are usually safe bets, but other bike types can work depending on road conditions/weather.

Mountain Trails

One of the great things about California is our access to exotic terrains. Most mountains in the area have some kind of bike trail. Watch out for hikers! And fallen logs! And big rocks! Hanging branches! Exposed roots! And…you get the point.

Century Rides

Named for their distance: 100 miles in a day. It’s possible, we promise! Most century rides take between 5-9 hours depending on the size of the group (drafting: it’s a thing). It’s NOT recommended to go alone! The Big Ring Century is a great local annual century ride in April. It makes a “big ring” around Orange County and all food/water stations are provided: Big Ring Century

Indoor Tracks

It’s riding your bike in a circle a bunch of times inside. We don’t know, some people are into it. Best Indoor Tracks in Orange County

Bike Paths

Orange County and LA County have a lot of great bike paths that usually run alongside rivers. These are a great way to take an afternoon ride to the beach, as they pass under and connect with city roads.


Were you an athlete in high school/college? Competitive cycling may be the thing for you. Don’t Forget: Lance Armstrong put a bad name to cycling because of blood doping. STAY AWAY from competitions if they will tempt you to take performance-enhancing drugs.

How Exercise in Recovery Helps

Exercise In Recovery

Long term sobriety is contingent on finding new routines that can create a more healthy lifestyle. Recovering addicts and alcoholics often find themselves connected to their bodies in a way that is not possible when under the influence. That regained control becomes a utility for staying sober as long as the mind is conditioned into making exercise a habit.

Our Amplified program introduces such healthy hobbies in the residential care phase of recovery. Ask our admissions staff for more details: (833) 433-0448

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